Week at the Beach

Each summer we enjoy our “Week at the Beach.”

We are blessed to own a second home on the Oregon Coast.  The house is rented out the majority of the time but each summer we enjoy a “week at the beach.”  This has become a very special, treasured and highly anticipated family time.  Sometimes it is just our family but more often then not we love sharing that week with our extended family and friends.

The beach is a magical place where we can just be together and enjoy each other without many of the distractions of everyday life.  It is a blessing to be able to remove ourselves from the busyness of life and just be together.

There was lots of good food and lots of fun!  Thought I’d share with you today a few of my favorite pictures from our “Week at the Beach.”


The best part was these four cute faces were there together, at the same time!

I love seeing my three boys hanging out together.


We had lots of fun celebrating the Fourth with Grandma and Grandpa and our neighbors who joined us at the beach.



We loved the small town parade in Manzanita.


And getting all decked out in red, white and blue.


There were bonfires on the beach and of course s’mores!

And on the Fourth there were sparklers and lots of fireworks!



There were lots of amazing sunsets…


..and walks on the beach.




Of course we did a few Totally Tessa photo shoots.


We always love hanging out at the beach and getting a little reading done.



and showing off our cute new polka dot bathing suits!

There was lots of game and card playing too.


We had fun doing a little shopping in downtown Manzanita and especially loved the vintage candy shop.


All in all it was pretty much a perfect Week at the Beach!

Leigh Anne
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  1. says

    You always have such beautiful photos!! I am in love with the polka dot bathing suits, the vintage candy store, and the sparkler shapes!! :)

  2. Jolyn says

    I love all the pictures! Especially the one with grandma and grandpa, the boys, the girls in their swimsuits (which are adorable btw) and the game. I play that game every time I go to my dad’s house. Looks like you guys had a blast. How fun!

  3. kelly says

    that is so wonderful. sometimes you just have to get away and enjoy each other! it looks beautiful there but cold!

  4. Carson Burton says

    Some of my favorite memories growing up at manzanita! Can’t wait to go there in a few weeks! What’s the name of that cute candy shop?!!! it is MUST!

  5. says

    What a great week with the family! I wonder about going to the same place every year and the pros and cons. I think it would be great to anticipate a place that is known or familiar. I also think going to new places and doing new things is super fun. Maybe I should just try and do both!

    • says

      That’s what we try to do – new and familiar. There is something about having a tradition, a place you go back to time and time again that makes life richer and more meaningful to me!

  6. Gerry/Gewoon Lekker Gewoon says

    Hello, I’m from Holland and stumbled upon your blog by Foodie Blogroll.
    In 2 weeks time we will be visiting the USA for our summerholiday, we go camping (real tent and all) . One of your pictures showed a (for me) unfamiliar game. Since I have 4 kids who like to play games I am very curious wich game it is so we might buy it for our long campfire-evenings.
    Looking forward to hear from you, bye, Gerry

    • says

      The game is called Ticket to Ride and there are different versions. Ours is the US version but there is also a European one and a Nordic Country version. Enjoy your trip to the US!

  7. Shanna says

    I am coming to the Oregon Coast in a few weeks. Your pictures have made me so excited to come visit!

  8. Mckell says

    would you be willing to share how you do your sparkler shots? i tried to get some like over the fourth but it didn’t work out :( i would love to have some sparkler heart photos!
    by the way i love this blog! you are definitely one of my favorites in my google reader!

    • says

      I put my camera on manual. I put the ISO at 100 and the f stop at about 7 or 9. I set the shutter speed for about 3 seconds so they have time enough to write the whole word or whatever they are doing. You can use a tripod but I just held the camera by hand. Hope this helps.

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