Vote for Oregon Berry Pie:Better Homes & Garden State Fragrance Contest, please vote for me!

If you had to select a scent to represent the state you live in, what would it be?

Better Homes & Gardens gave me the opportunity to do just that – select a scent that represents Oregon using the new Better Homes and Garden wax cubes and warmers that are available exclusively at Walmart as part of their State Fragrance Contest.   I was honored to represent my great state of Oregon!

I don’t have a full blown Walmart store near by but I do have a newly opened Walmart grocery store and lucky for me they carry the full line of BHG warmers and wax cubes.

Since it is summer and one of my favorite things about Oregon is all the amazing berries we grow here my first thoughts went to anything made out of berries.  Using the BHG scented wax cubes I created Oregon Berry Pie – a combination of Wild Berry Cheesecake, Cinnamon& Spice and Warm Vanilla Creme.  A berry pie with a touch of cinnamon and a scoop of vanilla ice cream!  Yum!!  Not only does it taste delicious it smells delicious also!

I love burning candles in my home but I know if you have small children or animals around it can be a bit worrisome.  There is also that risk of leaving the house and forgetting to blow out that candle.  That is why the new BHG Scented Wax Warmer is so awesome.  No flame.  They have some very pretty warmers too.

The best part is they are so reasonably priced.  The warmer is only $15.00 and the scented cubes are only $2.00 each.  Love it!

So here’s how you can help vote for me…

Vote for Oregon Berry Pie! 

Head over to Better Home & Garden’s Facebook page  and Like their page.

and then click on the State of Oregon and vote for Oregon Berry Pie!

And then you can vote for my scent!  Thank you.  You are only allowed to vote once so please share with your friends and ask them to vote too.

The winning blogger will get 10 $25 gift cards to give away and they are going to select 10 random voters from the Better Homes and Gardens State Fragrance Contest to win a warmer and scented wax.  The winning blogger will also get a chance to visit BHG headquarters.

So your vote will give not only me the chance to win, but Your Homebased Mom will get to give you a chance to win as well! Voting starts today and ends August 31st, so please vote and share with your FB friends to vote as well!

Thanks for your vote!!

Leigh Anne
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Leigh Anne
Leigh Anne

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  1. Julie Spady says

    I was able to like BH&G Facebook page but it won’t let me go to their voting page. I will keep trying! Sounds like fun. Good luck! I happen to be making a 3 berry crisp this weekend!

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