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So what are you having for Valentine’s Day dinner if you don’t have reservations ??(we don’t at our house)  Well, look no further. Today’s guest blogger, Mariel, has the answer for you!  Please welcome Mariel to the blog, check out her amazing Valentine’s dinner menu and then head on over to her amazing blog “Or so she says…” and check it out!!  I can’t wait to try out her recipes – especially those mouth watering crescent rolls!!  Please welcome Mariel and leave a comment to welcome her to the blog!

Hey there!  I’m Mariel, author of “Or so she says…“, a women’s blog FULL of ideas.  I love cooking, so I have several recipes, but there are also zillions of ideas on things like: parenting, marriage, crafts, health, product suggestions, etc.  Five days a week, you will see a new, random idea.  Some of them are from me, some are from my readers.  It’s a fun place where we all put our best ideas out there.  Come on by and even  YOU can send me the links to your favorite idea posts…before you know it, you might be a guest blogger on “Or so she says…“!

Many thanks to Leigh Anne for having me as a guest today!  I love this blog and have at least a billion of her recipes printed off, waiting to be tried out.

On to the good stuff…

Going out to eat for Valentine’s Day can get pretty tricky.  Babysitters are in short supply and restaurants are swamped!  I don’t have the patience to wait longer than 20 minutes to be seated.  So yes, that means I end up at Cracker Barrel quite often.  But, they have the best green beans, so I can’t complain.  The past several years, for Valentine’s Day, we just do a fancy home cooked meal.  No babysitter needed and no waiting…just a little bit of preparation is needed.

Nobody wants to be slaving away in the kitchen all day on Valentines, so I picked out a yummy meal idea for you where everything is easy to make, can be made ahead of time, and looks fancy!  Fancy is good :)

Let’s start with an appetizer:

My readers have LOVED my Fried Avocados with a Salsa Ranch Dip…they can be made in about 15 minutes and they are super delicious!

For a main dish, how about a little Italian goodness??  My family loves Stuffed Shells.  It’s also easy, can be made ahead of time, and looks a little…fancy.

There’s nothing like some Crescent Rolls.  These can be made ahead.  When they come out of the oven, brush with melted butter and sprinkle garlic and Parmesan cheese on top.

My Aunt’s Raspberry Jell-O is soooo amazing!  Serve with a layer of whip cream spread on top.  This is easily made ahead of time and is quick to put together.  It just needs time to set in the fridge.

If you want a fruity drink, this Banana Slush Punch is so addicting!  You can make 3 bags of the slush, freeze them and pull one out whenever you have a special occasion, like Valentine’s Day.

Lastly, a dessert.  A Chocolate Trifle is always impressive and you wouldn’t believe how easy!  Pretty fancy, eh?

Or, maybe after a big dinner, you just want something small.  How about some Chocolate Turtle Cookies?

Pull out some candles, dust off the Lionel Richie CD, eat some amazing and “fancy” food, forget about the messy house, piles of laundry, and fall in love all over again. :)

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  Come by and see me!


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