Utah and Weekend Recap

Jim and I drove to Utah this weekend.  Jim was kind enough to take off a few days of work so I didn’t have to drive myself and perhaps not arrive in one piece.  He enjoyed a few days with the kids, golfing with the boys, visiting some old friends and has returned home.  I’ll be driving back to Portland the end of the week.   The drive is worth it because I am bringing one of my kiddos back home with me!

We also got to enjoy this at the end of the drive here to Utah.

  Thanks to the app Road Ahead I was able to locate the nearest In and Out!

Another reason I was going to Utah was to attend the Snap Creative Conference.  The conference focused on blogging and creativity and it was great!  I learned a lot and got to meet lots of fun new bloggers.  I also got to meet a few blogger friends in person.  One of them was my blogging friend Kristen Duke who is a wonderful photographer.  She taught several classes on photography and used my girls as her models.

We learned how to take better pictures in morning light and full sun.  I practiced on my girls.

After they helped with the class I took the girls out to lunch at Blue Lemon in Highland.   Yummy!

The Queen Bee Market was part of the conference and it was so fun to see all the amazing creative items for sale. Of course I had to buy a couple of things.  Good thing I am driving home instead of flying home!!

The conference was held at Thanksgiving Point so I was able to see some of the beautiful tulips they have this time of year.

I was also able to watch the wonderful photographer Tara Butler at work as she took my son Clark’s engagement picture on Saturday!

Since both Clark and Jessica are law students we took some of them in the law school – can’t wait to see them!

Cali and Tessa kept Tara’s darling two year old company during the photo shoot.  Is he a cutie or what!!!  The 3 Blondies!!

The lollipops were part of the photo shoot too.

I’ve got a fun and full week planned here in Utah and will share more next weekend.  Of course there will be a trip to Cafe Rio and Tai Pan in there somewhere!  Utah readers – any suggestions of new places I should check out??

Hope you had a happy weekend too!

Leigh Anne
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  1. says

    wow, that sounds like a great little get-a-way. the tulips are gorgeous!! you always get to eat at these wonderful fun restaurants…that just does not exist in my world. I’ll be going to NY in a few weeks and it will be my turn to experience all things food!!

  2. Mindy Davison says

    Go check out Home Again in MIdvale or Sugar House. They are fun home furnishing stores with consignment and custom made pieces. Always new stuff coming in. Plus, my sister owns them so I’m a little biased : )

  3. says

    Pleasant Grove has a couple of new little places to eat. One is named Sammy’s. (I think they are in Provo as well) They make really good pie shakes and have three types of fries plus onion rings that are awesome! What I love is you can mix your fries! You can get half a basket of battered fries and half sweet potato. I love mixing.

    Chubby’s is also awesome. They have a delicious Chubby’s Cheesesteak. I’ve also heard wonderful things about the shrimp po boy, pulled pork and hamburgers.

    If you find yourself in N. Utah County you should try either of these little places.

  4. marti says

    Loved seeing a preview of Jessica and Clark’s engagement photos…so creative and adorable. Leigh Anne, you have some excitng days ahead!

  5. says

    Welcome to Utah! How fun 😉 Looks like you are having a good time!

    We love Cheesecake Factory! Their Bang, Bang Chicken & Shrimp is to die for…do you have that in Portland? Other than that, you should go case lot shopping tomorrow before the sales end. Maceys is having their case lot sales, so buy some food if you have room in your car (who doesn’t want food at super low prices??) Maybe not as fun as decorating shopping, but it might save you more 😉

    Hope you have a great time!

    • says

      Funny you should mention that! I was just looking through my niece’s newspaper at the case lot sale ads! Wish we had those in Oregon. Unfortunately my car is full of college girl’s stuff.

    • says

      We had a delicious lunch today at the Black Sheep Cafe – so good! Logan said he thinks he has found his new favorite restaurant. I had driven by and seen it and wondered about it so when I got your comment I knew we had to try it! So glad we did.
      Thanks Mindy!

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