Twelve Delicious Ideas for Leftover Halloween Candy

I remember as a child coming home from Trick or Treating and spreading all my candy out on the living room floor.  My parents would go through it pulling out any unwrapped candy that might be dangerous and then pulling out the candy they knew I didn’t like.  At that time it was anything with nuts or coconut.  Fortunately for them, they liked it.  I would then stash that candy away in my room and enjoy.

I have a daughter though that isn’t a big candy eater.  Some years I would find her Halloween candy still stashed away in her room six months later!  If you have one of these children at your house you are going to want to grab their candy and try out one or two of the recipes I’ve got for you today. If you don’t you may have to do some sneaking into Trick or Treat bags!

I did a little blog browsing and came up with 12  yummy ways to use leftover Halloween candy.  A few of them are mine and the rest from some great blogs.

Candy Bar Cake can be made with any of your favorite candy bars or you could also do a combination.

Candy Bar Cake from yourhomebasedmom

Loved the idea of Candy Corn Bark from Brown Eyed Baker

A yummy Leftover Halloween Candy Pizza at What’s Cooking with Ruthie


Sally’s Baking Addiction has some Candy Bar Blondies.

I love them with Snickers but they would be yummy with Milk Way, Rolos etc.

Snickers Cookies at Your Homebased Mom


Peanut Butter Snickers Brownies at Two Peas & Their Pod look amazing.
Landee See, Landee Do has some fun Movie Night Cookies that use popcorn too!
Movie Night Cookies
If you’re lucky enough to have leftover M & M’s try these from Samoa M & M Blondies
Totally loving these fun Candy Bar Cookies at Pip & Ebby.  The possibilities are endless!
IMG_1106-3postIf you are looking for a cool treat this Candy Bar Ice Cream is awesome!!

8132608924_8941ede48f_cAnother cool treat is Butterfinger Ice Cream Pie at Life with Sharon.
And a Halloween Candy Bundt Cake from Baking Bites
Hope you have lots of leftover Halloween candy!!

Leigh Anne

Leigh Anne
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Leigh Anne

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    These are great ideas and I’ve made desserts like this with our Halloween candy before but, at our house, it’s really not the chocolate that’s leftover. It’s the sugary candy. I wish there was a recipe to grind down the gobstoppers and nerds or melt the laffy taffys.

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