Halloween College Care Package


I sent off another college care package yesterday.  Warning:  If any of my college kids are reading this post and you don’t want your surprise ruined – DO NOT continue reading!

Even though I am actually going to be in Utah for Halloween with the college kids I thought they might enjoy a little Halloween treat before.

I had so much fun putting this care package together and it turned out so cute I almost kept it for myself!


I purchased empty paint cans at the craft store but I am sure you could buy them at the paint store too.  I covered them with some cute Halloween themed paper and added some fun Gothic style letters.  I filled each of the cans with shredded paper (that matched the paper, of course!) and tied some Halloween colored ribbons on the handle.  Cute!


I filled each of the cans with some fun Halloween treats   Cali’s can also had some wool socks and gloves in it because she has been freezing in Utah!  Of course the gloves were green so they matched the container!!


I think the cans would make a darling trick or treat bucket too!  For more details on the treats go here and here. 

Be sure and check back everyday next week for a new Trick or Treat each day!

Leigh Anne
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  1. says

    You crafty people overwhelm us non-crafty types. An empty paint can??? Seriously??? When my kids are old enough to be in college in, oh, 11 YEARS, they will be grateful–oh, very grateful, for a plain brown box. Because it will still have candy in it!

  2. says

    very cute! I have done it before with christmas gifts but not ventured out to other holidays. I love your site, I get so many new ideas. Plus we both have girls named Cali only mine is spelled diffrent :) God bless!

  3. Tauna says

    These would make perfect trick or treat bags/cans for the kids. You have inspired a few new traditions in our family.(crepe paper over the doorway for birthdays and the measuring board to name a couple) Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.

  4. Lindsey Shaw says

    Very cute! Last year my mom sent me and my roommates adorable orange chinese take-out style boxes… We all pulled ’em out for Halloween again this year… point being: I’m sure they will be very appreciated :)

  5. says

    The care package arrived at my daughter’s dorm today – she called to say she loved it! We’ll see if the boys appreciate it as much :)

    Cariann – I found the paper at Craft Warehouse – I loved the green paper with the spiders. The black part is flocked (not sure if that’s the word)


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