Travel Wardrobe

I have spent the last few months worrying about what clothes I was going to take on my European Adventure.  To be totally honest I have been worrying about it since January when I received my ticket for my birthday!!  Clothes are kind of important to me and I stress over them.  I need to be sure I am prepared for whatever or wherever I may go, I want to look good and cute and fit everything into one suitcase (that’s the real challenge).

Since Cali has been in London I have used her bed as my wardrobe display.  I have had clothes spread all over her bed for weeks now.  I got lots of great advice from people on what to pack. Everyone told me to pack light.  Packing light is not something I am use to but I knew I had to so I would  have room in my suitcase to bring things home.

So I thought some of you might enjoy seeing what I ended up with.  I think I did o.k. and I’m sure I probably have too much but oh well… least it all fits in my suitcase.

I am a cardigan girl so I am bringing a few (7 to be exact) of those.  I figure layers are good…

Travel Wardrobe

and a bunch of t-shirts to wear under the cardigans…. I’ve kind of got a thing for stripes going on but they wear those alot in Paris, don’t they??

Travel Wardrobe

And then for bottoms I am taking two comfy, knit skirts…

Travel Wardrobe

I can dress the black one up for night time when we go to the theater etc.  I am taking 4 pairs of pants (wearing one of them!)  I am taking my black  and dark blue skinny jeans, a pair of denim cropped pants and my great knit black ankle length pants that go with everything, don’t wrinkle and are so comfortable.

Travel Wardrobe

I am not taking much jewelry, just my basic necklace I wear everyday. It goes with everything.  To jazz up the basic t-shirts I am taking I am bringing along a few scarves and a black pashmina to keep me warm on the plane.  A couple of belts too!

Travel Wardrobe

For shoes I got it down to four pairs, which includes the pair I will be wearing.  They are all super comfortable and they are well broken in.  I was told that no one in Europe wears running style shoes so I am taking a cute pair of Simple sneakers that I think will work and not look too touristy.

Travel Wardrobe

Some pretty basic pieces but everything can be mixed and matched.  Here’s a few of the outfits I put together.

Travel Wardrobe

I also threw in a pair of black cropped leggings I can wear under the skirts if it is cold or windy.

Travel Wardrobe

and a little dressier look.

Travel Wardrobe

The other thing I am taking is my denim jacket and one other jacket.  Between the two of them they go with everything else I am taking.  I will wear the green one on the plane.

Travel Wardrobe

A few more top combos that will go with my jeans or black pants.  Lots of options.

Travel Wardrobe

Travel Wardrobe

Travel Wardrobe

Travel Wardrobe

Travel Wardrobe

Travel Wardrobe

And here is what I will on the plane there and back.

Travel Wardrobe

Well, what do you think?  Too much or just right??

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  1. Marm says

    It looks great, even if you might have packed a little to the heavy end of the packing light scale. I love your outfits. You’ll probably be glad you put all the thought and time into it. Have a great time.

  2. Diane says

    Leave out the purple cardigan, the black jeans (you have another pair of black pants). Because both are heavy to carry and one pair of shoes, I just cannot decide which ones since you have two pair of black and two brown tone. If you think which are heaviest, that would probably be the tennies. You will look just as nice and feel loads lighter the entire trip and be more energetic.

    • says

      OK so I took your advice – left out the purple cardigan and scarf and the tennis shoes but I kept the black jeans. They are just way too comfortable. Thanks for your tips!! I think this is the lightest I have ever packed for 10 days!!! I have plenty of room to bring things home and I was able to downsize to a smaller suitcase.

  3. says

    You posted this at a perfect time for me … we leave for Italy in 13 days and I have been going through all that you mentioned above!
    All the clothes I’m considering are hanging in the guest room and the final decision on what goes in the suitcase will be made this weekend. Your post / pictures have been so helpful. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a wonderful, safe trip. I am looking forward to seeing all your pictures when you return.

  4. Suz says

    Wow, Leigh Anne! Your outfits are soooooo cute! I can see where your daughters got their sense of style. If I were you, I would just do a quick weather check online before the final pack to make sure you’re going to be warm enough. Although, as my mom always says…….you are not going to Siberia, they have stores “there”! When traveling, I always figure that I can mail my clothes home if I find lots of great things to buy (or vice verse). Have a wonderful trip. I look forward to hearing all about it. You are an amazing Mom! You and Cali will have a blast!

  5. says

    WOW! I am impressed! I am the worst packer around! I hope you have an amazing trip!

    Where did you get the navy/white stripe shirt?? Too cute!

  6. Katherine says

    I want to know where you got the ruffled white t-shirt and the black slip-ons that are in the upper left corner of your shoe shot.
    I agree that you have a GREAT sense of style and those of us who don’t have your style need the pointers :)

    • says

      White ruffled shirt came from Ann Taylor Loft – think it is on sale now and the black slip on shoes came from Nordstrom Rack they are Josef Seibel – so comfy!

  7. says

    I was about to ask you the brand name of the black shoes but I see someone beat me to it. Thank you for answering they look so cute and comfy!

    Have a wonderful trip. Your outfits are adorable.

  8. Darla says

    I am totally impressed and only 4 pair of shoes!! Your wardrobe is lovely by the way–and you have GREAT style!

  9. joan C says

    Your outfits do look very cute. My philosophy, however, is to take half as many clothes and twice as much money when I travel. I choose one basic neutral. If my basics are black, I take everything that will work with black; if they are navy, then everything works with navy. (I never wear brown!) I’m remembering my last trip to England/Wales with the parents/fans following the Davis H. S. Madrigal Choir from Cathedral to country church to the Llangollen Eisteddfod – two weeks of moving daily except for Llangollen where we were for several days..

    Your plan seems like much more than you will need. Personally, I would limit myself to two jacket/two sweaters, and switch it up with the tees/scarves. A pair of good walking shoes, casual comfortable flats, and a pair of heels (3 pair, including the ones you wear) — all black to go with my basic black – 1 dressy/1 casual pants/skirts. Unless you are traveling with the same people day in and day out, your fewer outfits will seem fresh, new and cute to them. While I may be tired of them by the time I get home, my light working wardrobe is easy to keep organized in my one suitcase.

    Whatever you take, have a great trip!

  10. Jelli says

    I consider myself a pretty efficient packer, which has always proved to be helpful to me in my many travels. In keeping with this, I would recommend cutting out one of your skinny jeans, a jacket, and a scarf at the least. You will not miss them, and the lugging around of your bag will be more enjoyable.

    I also have a question for you: How do you keep your leggings worn under skirts from clinging to the skirt? I have some black leggings I like to wear under dresses and skirts, but can only do it around the house because the static is intense…and here in Costa Rica I have never seen Static Guard, so please, oh please, give me any tips you have!!

    • says

      Jelli, Well I removed one sweater and scarf and a pair of shoes so hopefully that will help. I was able to downsize to a smaller suit case too.

      As far as the leggings and skirt. Static isn’t much of a problem around here with all the rain and moisture we have so I haven’t had an issue with it – sorry!

  11. says

    Wow, you are so stylin! I love your outfits and every single one will look fantastic on you while on your vacation. Have a great trip!

  12. Becky says

    Leigh Anne,
    I just found your blog two days ago, and have probably spent ten hours reading previous post. I am in love with you and your precious family. Even though I am 12 years older than you, you are who I want to be when I grow up.
    I am in awe of all you get accomplished in one day. My family was blessed to be able to take a three week European vacation two years ago. We made such
    wonderful memories–worth every penny. If I never get another trip I will
    die happy. May God continue to bless you and yours, and may he watch over your comings and goings now and forevermore.

  13. Lisa Hemstreet says

    GREAT job mixing and matching. I wish I was better at packing. And yes, just make sure you have room for your purchases! I hope you are taking a collapsable duffle bag in the bottom of your suitcase in case you need more room on the way home! I can’t wait to hear about your trip!

  14. TrishInFL says

    i think you did a great job with your outfit choices, which are too cute by the way! Have a great time.

  15. kelly says

    i think your clothes are adorable and you put them together so nicely! i love your tops! no one in europe does wear “tennis shoes” my daughter went to spain for a semester and wore boots the entire time, she got a stress fracture on her foot and will be having surgery in aug.! so just make sure the shoes are comfy!! lots of walking!! is it cold there now? p.s. it’s ok you don’t email everyone back on their comments, that is over and beyond the call of duty!
    have a great time!!

  16. Laurie says

    LA, soooo cute. I am doing the same thing getting ready for my trip to Hawaii. I think it is so helpful for people to see the outfits put together with the shoes & accessories. Thank you so much for sharing! Your clothes and you are adorable! Have a fabulous, memory-making trip!

  17. kelly says

    i just read the comments and to the commenter jelli. try rubbing a dryer sheet on both layers of clothing, it helps. also be sure to use the dryer sheets when you are drying your clothes that will eliminate some from the beginning.

  18. Meg says

    I love all of your clothes!! I think you need to add another tab up at the top for “Fashion Advice” !! Your outfits are so cute.. I need to revamp my wardrobe and have no idea where to begin! You have their a collection for a complete wardrobe!! Not just a vacation!

    I think you will be happy you edited, and should probably edit a little more.. but that depends on if you feel like doing laundry and how much you will be schlepping!! (I have not read it awhile.. graduation etc, kept me away, so I do not remember!)

    I agree with the previous poster.. my advice is always: Take half the stuff, and twice the money, and you will be fine!!

  19. Valerie H. says

    Wow! What cute outfits you put together. You’ll be the cutest lady in Europe!
    Also, you and Cali will look like Sistas!!! 😉 I love your choices. My son in Manchester says that it’s not hot there in England yet. So I think your layers are good…you can always take them off if needed. Love all your choices!
    PS. Once my parents came to visit my family while we lived in Europe.
    My mother walked down the street to a store. When she came back she wondered why a German lady was looking at her feet with an odd look. She had tennis shoes (sneakers) on!!! Haa! See if anyone gives you a look if you end up wearing yours.

  20. julie says

    i think you have the CUTEST CLOTHES! i’d like to have your wardrobe….oh, and a trip abroad. have fun!

  21. Cindy says

    Darling outfits! You can cook AND you are a little fashionista! I don’t think it is too much. I’d rather have too much than not enough. I always over pack, but I’m never sorry. Have a fabulous time and be safe!

  22. Laurie D says

    Leah Anne, Your clothes combinations are darling! I do agree with all than “Joan C” said. When I went to England in February, I brought way to many clothes even though I had tried hard to keep things to a minimum. You’ll end up wearing many of the same combinations over and over but since you’ll be going to different places every day, no one will notice! Less is better.

    Email me if you need any last minute London info/advice. I hope you’ll be able to squeeze in a visit to the Victoria & Albert museum. You’ll LOVE it, in part because of their jewelry and clothing exhibits. I just checked and the Grace Kelly exhibit with 50 of her exquisite outfits will be open. (I’m jealous!) And their jewelry exhibit with pieces from the last 800 years is absolutely amazing. It takes your breath away.

    Have fun and safe journeys to you!

  23. Sarah says

    You are going to look so cute your whole trip! I just can’t wait to hear all about your wonderful trip! (I already know it’s going to be wonderful!) I hope you have a super special time with your daughter. I’m sure that’s going to be the highlight of the trip – getting to do all of that with her!

  24. says

    The travel clothes look perfect!! I love all your scarves too!! Hope you have the most wonderful time–can’t wait to hear all about it!! Enjoy!

  25. Laurie says

    You are going to love your trip. England is a beautiful place to visit. We took the train to the various cities we visited and it was a wonderful way to travel. Your choice of layering is right on – I think you will be very comfortable. I LOVE your black tennies! Where did you get them? :) Have fun with your daughter!

    • says

      I found it for $20.00 at the Columbia Sportswear Employee store. It came in three different colors – yellow which I got, orange and a teal. You could probably find it anywhere that carries Columbia brand.

  26. Tiffany says

    Okay, so now we all see where Tessa gets her sense of style!!! Have fun in London. My sister just landed in Chicago after 2 and a half weeks in Europe, ending in London. I’m next! : )

    • says

      The majority of the ones I took on the trip came from Target! The white and yellow one I wore in the Cotswolds came from Anthropologie. Glad you liked them!

  27. Gigi says

    Thank you so much Leigh Ann! I am leaving on a trip to Europe in a little over a week and I’ve been having so much trouble figuring out what to bring. Your wonderful post helped me so much! Thanks again!


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