Things to do with Jars!

things to do with jars

Saturday was our yearly Super Saturday at church.  It is a once a year activity where we all get together and “get crafty!”

This year I taught a class on jars – all kinds of ideas using jars.  We also had a hands on activity where we made these cute little jar canisters.

Let’s just say it took a few trips to Goodwill to round up enough candlesticks.  Good thing I have 3 different Goodwills within a decent distance from my home.  We painted them with black spray paint and then used some Amazing E6000 glue to glue the candlestick to the jar.  We also painted the lids with the spray paint.  A fun and easy decoration.  Just fill it with your candy of choice and add a ribbon bow.

I then did a demonstration on lots of fun ideas to do with jars.  The ideas include decor ideas and ideas to use for giving gifts.

These fun jars would look cute on a mantel or as table decor for the holidays. I first used my hot glue gun to write the words but found it was easier to use puff paint as I didn’t get all those bothersome hot glue tails.

I used spray paint on the outside of the jars.  Just choose words and then paint!  There are so many fun colors of spray paint to choose from.

The original idea came from here.

On the next jars I used tissue paper and mod podge.  You can mod podge just about anything onto a jar.

I used my Cricut to cut out the snowflakes from scrapbook paper.  I also made a Halloween set last year using the idea from this blog.

I’ve got a couple more fun jar ideas to use for your Thanksgiving table which I’ll share on another post.

Jars also make great containers for gift giving.  Fill them with your favorite treat.  I told the class you could even just pour a boxed brownie mix into one of these cute jars and the recipient would love it because the jar was so cute.  It’s all in the presentation.  If you need some ideas for treats to put in jars check out my recipe index under Candy and Treats – there is lots!  I’ll also have a few new ones for you later this week.

For all of these jars I just used stuff that was already laying around my house (O.K., so I have a lot of stuff laying around my house)  But get creative, use your imagination and just look around and see what you already have that you can use.

Here I used mod podge to attach a doily onto a jar. I think this would be beautiful for a wedding or a baby shower.

And since I had the mod podge out I covered these baby food jars in mod podge and then rolled them in epsom salts. I love the look!  They look like little glowing snowballs.

You can also tint the Epsom salts with food coloring for a very cool look.  Check out the idea on this blog.

For these I just pulled out some of my scrapbooking paper and ribbon.  A cupcake liner makes a cute cover for a jar lid.  I also had an old Scrabble game I picked up at Goodwill and those tiles come in handy to jazz up a jar quick and easy.  I just hot glued the letters on.

I used one of my paper punches to punch out the scalloped circle.

Just in case you have an old sweater laying around the house that doesn’t fit anymore …just cut off the ribbing and use it to dress up jar!

I ran a gathering stitch along the bottom and pulled it up to hug the jar.  Another cupcake liner for the lid and a piece of ribbon.

Most of my jars are from my stash from my previous canning days, ones I pick up at Goodwill like this great jumbo size jar or they are jars from food we have eaten.  What a great way to repurpose and recycle.  Or you could just go to the Dollar Store, buy a few jars of pickles and use those jars too!

You can also just get into your fabric stash (or borrow some from a friend).  I love burlap and the way it looks with just a little ribbon and twine wrapped around it.  Just attach a tag!

There were a few other ideas but thought you might be jarred out by now!  I’ll have a few more fun jar ideas tomorrow you can use for your Thanksgiving dinner table!

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    • says

      Mod podge actually comes in a jar and you brush it on. It looks like glue but it totally dries clear. You can get it at Michael’s. My mom use to mod podge everything in the 60’s!

  1. Janette R. says

    I always buy my Mod Podge at WalMart – I found it is less expensive than buying it at Michael’s. Michael’s does have a really fun glitter Mod Podge that WalMart does not have. Leigh Anne, I love all your jar ideas, but where are the soup recipes? I was looking forward to soup week, especially because the weather has turned cold. Thanks!

  2. Angela Schultz says

    These are absolutely beautiful!!! I might try to make them for teacher gifts for Christmas. I love reading your blog.

  3. Anne-Marie says

    Hi! I thought I’d try making some of these this weekend. What finish of spray paint do you use (I want black)? Thanks!


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