The Wedding

You have heard me talk a lot about “the wedding” in the last few weeks as I have experimented with and shared with you different cupcake recipes.  The wedding was for the son of a good friend of mine.  Her son is also a good buddy of my son Clark – they played Lacrosse together in high school, roomed together their freshman year of college and played college Lacrosse together.  I figured helping with the wedding was good practice for the day that one of my children eventually gets married!

Here is the darling bride and groom – Jordan and Molly.

Theurer Wedding (2)

Molly chose teal blue, lime green, fuchsia and orange as her wedding colors.  Her bouquet was made of bright colored Gerber daisies and she accented her wedding dress with teal accessories.  I loved her shoes!
Theurer Wedding (3)

The wedding was Saturday and it was a great success.  It ended up being one of the hottest days of the year here in Portland!

When I heard what the wedding color scheme was I suggested we use blue mason jars as candle holders and flower vases.  I think they were a perfect choice.

Theurer Wedding (5)

They decorated all the tables as well as hung from the fence, some full of candles, others full of flowers.

Theurer Wedding (2)

They hung photos of the bride and groom growing up as well as a couple on a cute ribbon clothes line with teal and orange clothes pin along the fence too.  People were able to view them as they walked into the reception.

Theurer Wedding (20)

And just in case people were confused about how to get into the backyard we lined the grass with more canning jars, candles and bows!

Theurer Wedding (19)

Despite a last minute ribbon emergency when the hundreds of yards of ribbon that we had ordered didn’t show up, we quickly made a mad ribbon dash all over Portland Friday morning and bought up every roll of teal, lime green, fuchsia and orange ribbon we could find!

We tied bows of brightly colored ribbons on every other chair since we were a bit short on ribbon.

Theurer Wedding (1)

The cupcake bar looked lovely….

Theurer Wedding (11)

We used all my white serving pieces on a white table cloth. I found these fun green vases at Goodwill a while ago and they looked perfect on the cupcake table with a single gerber daisy in them.  Just a punch of color!

Theurer Wedding

Our final cupcake menu was:

Margarita Cupcake aka Lucious Lime.  Since this was a Mormon wedding reception I decided Lucious Lime was a more appropriate name than Margarita!  They were also the most popular cupcake of the evening!  This recipe will be coming later this week.  The cream cheese frosting held up great in the heat.

Theurer Wedding (13)

Banana Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting.  This was also another big hit – especially the frosting!  It also held up great in the heat.

Theurer Wedding (12)

We also went with Brown Sugar Cupcakes with Browned Butter Icing – my personal favorite!  I’ll post this recipe later this week too.

Theurer Wedding (15)

We went with a different frosting for the Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes since it was so hot.  I used Sara’s  recipe over at Our Best Bites  and it too held up great in the heat!  I used natural cherry extract that I found at Whole Foods instead of vanilla.

Theurer Wedding (14)

The final selection was the Perfect Lemon Cupcakes  I shared a few weeks ago.  They were yummy but the frosting on these had a hard time in the heat and the strawberries bled on the frosting – didn’t look so pretty.

Theurer Wedding (16)

When asked what food he would like for the reception the groom, Jordan, suggested that we just throw some burgers on the grill and have some chips and salsa.  Not exactly traditional wedding reception fare but we did accomodate his wishes with a salsa bar.  Complete with three types of salsa and two types of chips.

Theurer Wedding (10)

We opted for Sliders and Sauces rather than full on burgers.  They were a fun addition to the party and everyone loved them.  The groom’s sister made up three different sauces for the sliders that were so yummy.  I will definitely be sharing those recipes with you too!
Theurer Wedding (9)

And of course there was lots of water!  Regular water and “Good” water.  If you have never had “Good” water before you have missed out.  It is made with lemon extract, citric acid and sugar and has a wonderful refreshing lemon flavor.  That recipe will be coming too!!!  Lots to share.

Theurer Wedding (18)

And then just in case anyone was still hungry or hadn’t had enough sweets there was a fun candy bar full of candy in the wedding colors!
Our friend Karen had decorated some darling little boxes for people to take their candy home in.

Theurer Wedding (21)

Even the groom’s little niece fit right in with the color scheme – isn’t she cute!
Theurer Wedding (3)

The groom’s sister added a festive touch of color with an orange flower in her hair.  I wished I’d gotten a picture of her orange flip flops too!
Theurer Wedding (22)

The mother of the groom was happy, the bride and groom were happy.  Their casual, laid back, fun loving style was reflected in the reception.  Everything looked beautiful and tasted yummy and the guests enjoyed themselves – what more could you ask for!

Cali has made me promise that I won’t make any more cupcakes the rest of the summer!  So we are on cupcake hiatus for now!!  Now I just need a nap!

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  1. Dawn says

    I love the color scheme and the simplicity of the daisies and jars. The cupcake bar would be my dream come true since I love cake and always like to sample each flavor.
    Where did you get the sign holders for the cupcakes and the foods? They really made the food look professionally displayed. I’ll bet you are so worn out!

  2. Rhonda says

    Leigh Anne, It turned out beautiful and I LOVE your flavor choices. What fun it all turned out to be. Like you, I have found now that the practice will make for the perfect reception someday. I am all for the backyard event for our third daughter. She is agreeable too….the cross country, formal, expensive weddings are gone!

    Everyone in our family agrees that the cupcake wedding reception we had here in our home was by far the most fun. You have such great talent and again, it all looks perfect.

  3. says

    Everything looks beautiful. Both of our receptions were outdoors & casual. It was perfect for us and for our families. Your cupcakes looks delish. Can’t wait to have an excuse to try the recipes.

  4. Tamara says

    Yum! Yum! Wish we could have been there to taste test all those “creations.” Glad you found some fun signs. . . .Those will come in handy for more of your decorating. Hope you got your nap before you tackle a new week and more challenges.

  5. Catherine says

    Everything was so beautiful and fun! You did a great job! Like Dawn, I wondered where you purchased the signholders. I may have to get some before the next even I host – or even for when I take a dish to church potluck – I hate it when you have to “guess” what kind of cake or dish something is.

    I love the laid-back backyard reception. It looked like everyone had a great time, and I bet it was rather economical as well! I just wish I had seen pictures of something like this 17 years ago!!!

  6. says

    How fun and pretty!! LOVE it all!!

    I have a question – how do you prepare for something like this? how far in advance did you make the cupcakes? did you freeze any? do you ice/decorate them all the day of the event?

    What fun!! Thanks for sharing!


  7. says

    What a lovely reception. I love the touch of the name holders to label the dishes. The colors are so pretty and I love the jars as vases and votives. Nice work! Beautiful photos.

  8. Darla says

    The cupcakes look absolutely amazing–especially love the chocolate cherry ones!! Great job…the whole reception looks looks lovely!!

  9. says

    TidyMom and Vicki,

    A friend and I made all the cupcakes on Friday, the day before the reception. We just stored them in airtight containers and then transported them to the groom’s house on Saturday and laid them all out on the table and frosted them all together on Saturday. We waited until the last minute to add the fruit garnish after the strawberries began to bled onto the icing because of the heat!

    If you needed to make them ahead of time cupcakes freeze fairly well. I just wouldn’t frost them before you freeze them.

    Hope this helps – let me know if you have any other questions!

  10. says

    What a beautiful wedding, and such a cute couple! You are an angel for making so many cupcakes! Can’t wait to see the rest of the recipes. But first, take a couple of days off. I think you deserve at least two naps. :)

  11. Susan says

    What a fun and beautiful wedding! Leigh Anne, where did you find the label holders for the cupcakes? I am in the process of planning my sister’s wedding and LOVE the holders that you used!

  12. says

    I am sure everyone had a wonderful time! Your photos captured a very beautiful event. Such creativity, love and happiness in serving radiate from you.

    I love helping with wedding receptions. My mom, sisters and I have done several over the years including our own. We just love it!

    What a cute couple too. Thanks for sharing and I hope you get rested up quickly.


  13. Cat says

    One day, when you have some spare time (does that ever happen?) maybe you could post some tips on step by step planning for an event (decorating and food prep) like this or birthday, or whatever, really. You prob. have alot of good insight. Also – where did you find your lemonade dispensers (too cute!!). Were they pricey?
    Colours were gorgeous, theme was sweet and the cupcakes and salsa bar were a funky idea! Brave – well done!

  14. says


    That’s a great idea for a post. I will work on that one. The water dispensers came from Costco. I have two different ones and I love them. I use them for parties, BBQ’s, etc. alot. I like having two so that I can do regular water in one and then flavored water in the other.

  15. Cat says

    I am wondering – were your little sign posts plastic or ceramic? They look ceramic. I found some on e-Bay but they were only 2.99 for 12 – would that be right? Couldn’t tell what they were made of.

  16. Cat says

    Thanks Leigh Anne – I just ordered two sets. I think there are only 2 sets left on that site, if anyone wanted them.

  17. says

    Leigh Anne,
    My parents said the reception was breathtaking! You really did a great job! I love the cupcake idea! And the salsa idea! I’m so excited to get my hands on that Margarita Cupcake recipe! My question is, where did you find those blue mason jars? I love those!
    I’m so glad things went smoothly for you! Great work :)

  18. says


    I found some of the blue mason jars at Goodwill and then Pam found the rest at an antique store at the beach. They are fairly easy to find at antique stores – I only paid a couple of dollars for them at Goodwill but they were more like 6.00 a piece at the antique store.
    Margarita Cupcake recipe coming tomorrow!

  19. Heather says

    Leigh Anne-
    You and Pam did such a GREAT job on the reception. I was SO bummed that we missed it (we were on vacation)!! I left Pam a message on Monday, but haven’t heard back from her yet……..she must be really wiped out too!!!! I can’t wait to see all of the pictures!
    Hope you are having a great summer!!

  20. Cat says

    Hi Leigh Anne – can you stand another question from me? Regarding the Lovely Lime Cupcakes – the margarita mix (is that the powdered kind or the liquid kind?) I was at the store and they had both – wasn’t sure if it mattered? They also had mango, which I wondered how that would taste.
    Thanks! Cat

  21. stacy mcfarland says

    Hi Leigh Anne,
    I just finished our wedding for my son & daughter in law in Salt Lake! I follow your blog and loved seeing more fun wedding happenings. So fresh and beautiful! I must be related somehow because we are also Theurers. My family originated in Cache Valley, Utah. I don’t see that name often! The photos are on my facebook and I can “friend” you if you request. I’m still working on my blog!
    Granite Bay, CA

  22. Eva Joiner says

    Hi Leigh Anne,

    I’ve just stumbled onto your site via My Yellow Farmhouse and I must say I’m hooked. I LOVE YOUR SITE! What an inspiration you are. Please will you share your recipe for your “Good Water”? Sounds like something I’d love all the time.

  23. Pamela Knight says

    Loved loved loved the backyard wedding. Crisp and simple but fun!!
    Please where did you get the signs telling what flavor the cupcakes were?
    They would be sooo fun for everything.

  24. Melissa says


    I am planning a July wedding for 2010, with the same color schemes..
    Would you be interested in selling any aqua mason jars and/or the ribbon from your wedding?


  25. Roxanna says

    I’m a little behind on checking out your site but wanted to comment on this wedding! It looks so fun! I LOVE color and this was great! I also really liked the wedding gown (I know you probably didn’t have anything to do with that) but it is so nice to see a modest but still beautiful gown in this day! I hope when my girls (10 and almost 12) get married I can come back to this site and show them pictures! 😉 Great Job!

  26. Sandee says

    Do you remember what you searched for on e-bay when you bought those darling metal label holders to hold the names of the cupcake flavors? The link no longer works and I’ve searched the net for similar signs but don’t know what to term the search! Thanks and I love everything you did- amazing1

    • says

      Sandee, Thanks! I’m sorry the link doesn’t work anymore. I really don’t remember what I searched for but maybe try display stand or something like that? Might want to add in shabby chic in the search. Good luck and if you find a new link let me know and I’ll add it to the comments here – thanks!

  27. Kris says

    I honestly cannot tell you how excited, thrilled, elated I am!!! I stumbled upon your blog while image searching google for decor ideas for our home reception I am planning in June. I had these images in my head of bright summer colors and decor of my favorite flower the gerber daisy. Wow! To my greatest surprise I found this link, perfectly displaying my dreams in a full scale wedding scheme! It was truly one of those sweet moments when I have to look at the man upstairs and just smile…Thank You for this beautiful blog. I am completely addicted overnight!

  28. Judy Detamore says

    Could I get you lucious lime cupcake recipe – my daughter is getting and is having cupcakes for dessert. Thank you. Judy

  29. Mindy says

    Leigh Anne,
    I LOVE your blog and have been following it for some time now!! I am going to be making a “cupcake bar” for a friends wedding and have a few questions… How many cupcakes did you make and how many people came to the wedding? Did people take more than one cupcake? How did you have enough containers to store all those cupcakes the day before? You are amazing…and I might have some more questions for you since you are a party expert!! Thanks for sharing your passion!

  30. Peggy Eddy says

    Hi Leigh Ann
    Where did you find the little signs that you put near the cupcakes to say what the flavors were? I am doing a birthday party with 125 guests and I would really like some ideas on labeling the cupcakes.
    Thanks…’re awesome


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