The Wedding Carnival}The Decorations

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After coming up with the theme for our party – Wedding Carnival – my next decision was the color scheme.  Red and white were a natural choice for the wedding carnival decorations.  I also decided to add in teal and yellow.  The colors, like the event, needed to be fun!

I also chose this swirly sucker as my carnival motif.  I used it in the invitation as well as the wedding carnival decorations for the evening.
Wedding Carnival

Here is a copy of the invite which was designed by my talented friend Meg (yes the same one that took the photos and made the doughnut cake topper!!!)
Wedding Carnival Invite

Wedding Carnival Invite BackThe suckers were also used to decorate the tables.  The tulle chair back ties were borrowed from a friend and I added the polka dot ribbon and suckers.
Wedding Carnival
I alternated teal,red and yellow polka dot ribbon.
Wedding Carnival
I also used the swirly suckers in the table decor. I purchased plastic popcorn boxes from Target ($1.00 each). I added some weight to the bottom with some rocks and then put a piece of styrofoam inside the box. I then filled the box with different shaped swirly suckers that I bought from Oriental Trading.  The large suckers I found at Walgreens for a dollar!  I also found the fun pinwheels at the Dollar Store.  I cut the mustache and lips out of craft foam and glued them to straws and then added Clark to the mustaches and Jessica to the lips!  I then filled them with popcorn.

I hot glued them to 3 rolls of carnival tickets to make sure they didn’t topple over.  I purchased the rolls of carnival tickets from Doolins.

I purchased the table runners from Special Occasion Design.  The chevron fabric in red and teal were just perfect.  I put the red side up on half the tables and the teal on the other half.  I also used the table runners on the sign in table and the ice cream bar.
Wedding Carnival
We held the carnival in our backyard so I wanted people to know they were coming to a carnival from the minute they pulled up in front of our house. My friend Darlene made these fun vintage carnival posters which we hung from the garage. She used a site called Block Poster.  It’s a great site – it allows you to create posters of any size from a jpg.  The best part is – it’s free!!

Wedding Carnival
The guests were also greeted by this amazing chalkboard art done by our friend Bill. It is truly a work of art and is now hanging in Clark and Jessica’s apartment. I found the frame at Goodwill and then spray painted some masonite board for the chalkboard. Bill used chalkboard pens to create the art and it is more permanent than chalk.
Wedding CarnivalI made the LOVE letters using a tutorial over at Oh Happy Day.   Initially I thought it would be fun to find old vintage marquee letters or have them made but soon discovered that was way out of the budget so using Oh Happy Day’s tutorial I made my own out of posterboard, foamcore board and spray paint.  I bought the lights from Target.  I loved them and they looked amazing after dark!
Wedding CarnivalAs they came around the corner, on the side of the house they were greeted by this fun Carnival sign – they knew they were in the right place!!
Wedding Carnival
And then they knew which way to turn for all the fun! I made this sign cutting the letters out of vinyl with my Cricut machine and then gluing scrapbook paper onto some masonite board.
Wedding CarnivalAs they entered the Carnival they had a chance to sign in.  I pulled my black sofa table out onto the patio for this.  I had put together a sign in book using some of their wonderful engagement pictures that were taken in the law library by Tara B.
Wedding Carnival

The gumball machine I found at Goodwill made for some cute decor along with the letter W I painted and glued red chevron fabric to.  I also found this perfect print online and downloaded it for free.  During the entire planning phase I had joked with my husband that I wanted a Ferris wheel at the Carnival – I even found one on line you could rent but Jim totally nixed the idea (rightly so) but it was a running joke that I was going to have a Ferris wheel.  Well, I found a way to have a Ferris  wheel.
Wedding Carnival 2I also made yards and yards of pennant banners out of my carnival colors.  Thanks to my friend Sara who sewed all the triangles together and my friend Jeanne who spent the afternoon with me assembling the banners!  We hung them on the front of all the booths, along the fence and on the tables.
Wedding Carnival
Wedding CarnivalI also put together a fun holder for the cards that people brought using a vintage doll case I picked up earlier this year.  It worked perfect.
Wedding Carnival
Wedding CarnivalOne of the things that was really important for me to have was amazing lighting.  My husband really came through on that one for me!  He spent hours and hours, days and days figuring out and hanging hundreds of feet of lights in our backyard.  I think we now own 700 feet of lights!!! The best place we found online to buy the lights was Hometown Evolution.  But I have to say the money and effort were so worth it.  Not only did they look great in the day light and provide a great place to hang all the paper lanterns…
Wedding Carnival
Wedding Carnival
But once the sun set they created a magical fairyland in our backyard. LOVE IT!!!
Wedding Carnival

Lanterns were purchased from Luna Bazaar.

We have a couple of outbuildings in our garden one of which is my husband’s work shed.  It has a really ugly door on it so I wanted to make sure it was covered up.  I used a ribbon curtain to take care of the problem.  The ribbon was hung from a large bamboo pole which you can purchase in the garden supply area of Fred Meyer or Home Depot.  I hot glued the ribbon to it and then it was lashed to two more bamboo poles that held it up.  Not only did it hid the ugly shed door it because a fun backdrop for some photos!
Wedding Carnival Ribbo CUrtainI found a great online source for ribbon that was a great price at United Craft.   (Thanks Heidi!)

I also used some fun wordart throughout the carnival.  This darling piece showed up at my door the day before the Carnival from my friend Kristi of Barn Owl Primitives.  I love her work and this one was perfect – in just the right Carnival colors!!
word art, subway art, barnowl primitive

I am also now the proud owner of a Silhouette Cameo and I had some fun creating some things for the Wedding Carnival.  The first one I had made was actually for the Family Dinner the night before the wedding so I had to hold on to it for the carnival.
word art, subway art
and then I made this larger black one which is now happily residing in my front entry way.
subway art, word art,
This amazing sign hung over the entryway into the main Carnival area.
Carnival SignAnother masterpiece by my friend Darlene.  Look at all the little people!!!
Carnival Sign
It also lit up at night.

Sometimes I buy things and I have no idea what I am going to do with it.  I just know I need to have it.  This was the case with this red ladder I picked up for $15.00.  I had no idea what I was going to do with it but I knew I needed to have it.  It was the perfect thing to fill in a space on the patio at the carnival.
Wedding Carnival rosettesThanks to my friend Darlene I had dozens and dozens of these fun paper rosettes which we used in various places, including the ladder.  They also looked great hanging over the draping I put up behind the food table.
Wedding Carnival

Thanks to all my husband’s hard work our garden looked amazing and provided a beautiful backdrop for the carnival.
Wedding Carnival

Paper Lantern, wedding decorations
Last but not least as our guests were leaving they were invited to take a “sweet” with them!
Lollipop tree
The sucker trees were made out of Styrofoam cones and covered in ribbon. Martha Stewart has a tutorial here.

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  1. Kim says

    Everything looks amazing! I am so glad you had a wonderful time and have made great memories. You have fantastic ideas and I am so glad you share them with us. Thanks.

  2. linda gerig says

    You are a wonder. i keep reading all the things you do. so talented. wish i could do ten per cent of what you do. what will you think up for your other kids. and then grandkids. i have four kids and eight grandkids but my youngest is a quadreplegic and I care for him so i do not have much time. it is a full time job but he is a joy to care for. never complains. Linda Gerig

  3. Marm says

    Everything looks so amazing. You and your family and friends worked so hard, but what an unforgettable night you created. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures and your tips.

  4. Judy says

    Wow! That’s all I can say! That must’ve been an event to remember! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE all your touches! You are one amazing woman – so talented! And thanks for sharing every little detail with your fans!

  5. Gina says

    Hi Leigh Anne,

    Everything looks amazing and you’ve given me so many ideas!
    I clicked the link to blockposter and it came up with a list of ads. Is there a different link? Also, did you make the balloon topiary? If so, I’d love to know how you did that!

    Thank you!

  6. Heather Johnson says

    How did you make all the chalkboard signs on the condiment bottles and on the buckets? Did you make them yourself?

    • says

      It was actually black contact paper that I cut out on my Cameo Silhouette and then I used chalk markers for the writing. The only problem was on the squeeze bottles, if they got wet the writing smeared a bit.

  7. Gretchen says

    You did an amazing job–congrats. Did your friend make the large “carnival” sign with the little people on it? Is there a tutorial anywhere? Thanks.

  8. Amy says

    Hi Leigh Anne,

    What a beautiful wedding! I am in awe…

    I know an artist friend of yours made many of the signs, I was wondering if she had a website or online business through which I could request/purchase a sign – they are excellent!

  9. Amy says

    Hi Leigh Anne,

    Just wondering if you ever heard from your friend about whether she would be interested in making making a sign like the ‘lemonade’ sign for me to purchase? If she is unable to do it, it is of course not a problem!



    • says

      Amy – I am so sorry. I haven’t connected with my friend. I will try and do so today. She is headed out of town for a bit. So you are interested in the lemonade sign – correct? Are you local here in Portland. It is rather large and would be hard to mail. She bought a graphic from an etsy shop and then just added the lettering. Printed it off and then used spray adhesive to glue it to foam core board.

      • Amy says

        Aha! I believe I am familiar with the graphic she used, and if that is the case, perhaps I will give a hand at it myself. I actually live in New Jersey. If she is headed out of town, timing may be an issue. Thank you kindly for the information and the quick response! I wish you and her well!

  10. says

    Hi Again. Any chance your friend would share some pointers on how she made the carnival sign? I’m trying to recreate it for a school graduation. Thanks!

  11. Tina says

    Hi there,

    I came across your wedding website and was wondering if you have any decorations available for resale – specifically the table runners, bunting, and ribbon banner? Getting married in October with virtually same color scheme at an old amusement park :)

    If so, sheet me an email?

  12. Wendy says

    Hi Leigh Ann,

    Everything looks amazing. We are using your dance floor as inspiration for our September wedding – love it! How did you string all the lights?


  13. Jodie M. says

    Sorry if this was asked already, I LOVE the little stands you made, do you have plans that you can share? Was this just something you made to go around a preexisting table? Thanks in advance!!

  14. Sarah Wilson says

    I am having a carnival themed wedding next May and I love the posters, I was hoping there might be some more detailed instructions? Like where did she get the images from to use for the block posters where they wouldn’t be pixelated?


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