2015 Word of the Year


Happy 2015!  One of my favorite things about a new year is selecting a new Word of the Year.  I know a few of you have been waiting for my Word of the Year reveal as you’ve left me some messages on Facebook!  Today is the day. This will be my seventh year selecting a Word of the Year.  Today I am guest posting over at  Scrap Girls where I am sharing why I choose a Word of the Year each year and the process I go through to select it [Continue Reading…]

Word of the Year Printable Quote

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Happy New Year everyone! I’m glad to be back here sharing another printable with you. Yesterday Leigh Anne shared her word(s) with you: His will. She asked me to create a printable with a quote to coordinate with her words. I love the quote she sent over. It’s simple and profound. Isn’t it lovely?  Many times in my life I’ve been reminded that while it’s great to have goals, sometimes things just don’t go as planned.   There are times that they are way better than we could’ve planned and other [Continue Reading…]

2014 Word of the Year

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For the last six years I have chosen a Word of the Year.  Rather than setting a long list of goals (although I have set a few of those too) I like to choose a word to focus on each year.  The process in determining my word each year is always interesting and I look forward to discovering how my word finds me each year.  Because it does just that – it finds me. This year my word has tried to make itself known to me three different times.  I [Continue Reading…]

Word of the Year Giveaway


The giveaway is over but please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what your Word of the Year is! The winner of the Word of the Year pillow is: #164  Jennifer L says: Engage – It reminds me to engage in life. To focus outward instead of inward, tune in to those around me and spend some time on things that bring me joy. (And it makes me think of Captain Jean Luc Picard ordering me to, “Engage” – I stop procrastinating and get moving!) So [Continue Reading…]

2013 Word of the Year


This is my fifth year of choosing a Word of the Year.  It has become a fun practice for me.  I love choosing a word each year that I can focus on and work on.  I love to see how the word manifests itself through my year and how it grows and develops. I also love the process of selecting my new word, almost as much as having the word.  It is always an interesting process and I love to watch the selection of the word unfold in my life. [Continue Reading…]

Word of the Year Pillow Winner


The winner of the Word of the Year Pillow, handmade by me is: 112  Stephanie says: My word is PURPOSE. Proverbs 19:21-”Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand.” I love your word Stephanie!  I just need you to email me what colors you’d like on the pillow and your mailing address.  Send your info to yourhomebasedmom@gmail.com Pillows are available to purchase in my etsy shop! Here are a few of the pillows I’ve been making. Be [Continue Reading…]

2012 Word of the Year and a Giveaway

Word of the Year2012 - Page 003

I chose my very first Word of the year in 2009 . My 2009 Word of the Year was Joy. Joy has since become my Word for Life.  I want to remember daily to find Joy in my Journey.  Joy is a choice. My 2010 Word of the Year was {re}. A strange word, I know but it was my word.  You can read more about it here. It was all about {re}turning, {re}fining, and {re}claiming. My 2011 Word of the Year was Focus I wanted to define and refine [Continue Reading…]

Finding Focus: Technology Fast


As I shared the first of the month, my Word of the Year for 2011 is Focus. To read about why I chose Focus read my post here. I promised to keep you updated on my progress and so today is my first Finding Focus post. I love technology, I love my blog, reading other people’s blogs, email, texting, gmail chat, skyping with my kids and yes, I even enjoy spending a little time on Facebook each day.  But I have found that all these wonderful things can cause me [Continue Reading…]

2011 Word of the Year


This is the third year in a row I have selected a Word of the Year. My  2009 Word of the Year was Joy.  It is still my favorite word and you will find it all over my house.  One of my favorite Joy quotes is “Man is that he may have Joy not guilt trips”  I remind myself that on a daily basis. My 2010 Word of the Year was the prefix {re}.  I wanted to refresh, revisit, refocus somethings. Originally I had selected the word Abundance for my [Continue Reading…]