White Chocolate Granola Bark

White Chocolate Granola Bark-8

Today I am so excited to welcome Lindsey of Cafe Johnsonia to the blog.  I have been a big fan of hers for a long time.  Her photos are gorgeous and her recipes amazing.  I am a big white chocolate lover so can’t wait to try this recipe!  Be sure to visit her at her blog to enter to win a Blendtec Blender and then check out what Mique and Cindy are sharing as part of the Craft and Sew! Hi there! I’m Lindsey Johnson and I blog over at Cafe Johnsonia. I [Continue Reading...]

Cookies & Cream Rice Krispie Treats


This post was originally created for a fun series my friend Stephanie over at Somewhat Simple but together.  If you haven’t checked out all the fun posts, each starting with a letter of the alphabet hop on over there after you read my post of course! I think she is up to the letter N this week! I chose the letter C .  The first thing that came to mind was the song “C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me,” that Cookie Monster loves to sing.  So I [Continue Reading...]

St. Patrick’s Day Chocolate Dipped Oreos

St. Patrick's Day Chocolate Dipped Oreos

I have never been a huge fan of St. Patrick’s Day.  Most years I don’t even bother to wear green (Pinch me!)  In fact my poor children were deprived because we never really celebrated St. Patrick’s Day when they were growing up.  Now that I am doing more family history work I have discovered that I do have a little bit of Irish blood in me. So I have decided this year I better wear green and pay a little homage to my Irish ancestors.  I have many years of [Continue Reading...]

Key Lime White Chocolate Popcorn

Key Lime White Chocolate Popcorn

I will pick a citrus flavor over chocolate any day!  Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate  but I love citrus a bit more. But when I can have my citrus flavor with chocolate that is even better.  Today’s recipe for Key Lime White Chocolate Popcorn makes it so I don’t have to choose! The ingredients are pretty simple.  Popcorn is essential.  I like to pop mine in the air popper but you can also use microwave popcorn.  You need about 16 cups of popped corn.  You can use white [Continue Reading...]

Chocolate Cookies – a Chocolate Overload Cookie!

Chocolate Overload Cookies

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.  The day of love and chocolate!  What would Valentine’s Day be without chocolate??!!!  Especially chocolate cookies. Today’s recipe is the perfect way to the heart of anyone who loves chocolate cookies.  It is pure Chocolate Overload!  This cookie uses cocoa powder, semi sweet chocolate chips and white chocolate chips.  Triple Chocolate Power! The steps are pretty easy  – add chocolate, add chocolate, add more chocolate! The semi sweet chocolate is melted and added into the butter and sugar mixture.  Then you add the cocoa in with [Continue Reading...]

Peppermint White Chocolate Cookie Bark

White Chocolate Peppermint Cookie Bark

I wasn’t planning on it but we may have to call this Peppermint Week.  This is the second peppermint recipe of the week and there may just be one more before I’m done. No surprises here but it uses my favorite flavor combination of the season – white chocolate and peppermint.  I posted something white chocolate and peppermint yesterday too but I just can’t seem to get enough of  the flavor combination! I have made a few other versions of cookie bark before. I’ve had some fun creating different types [Continue Reading...]

Peppermint White Hot Chocolate Float

Peppermint White Hot Chocolate Float

Can you believe it is the 10th of December!  Yikes, how did that happen??  Well, we’re back with another amazing  Blog Hop.  Peppermint is definitely the flavor of the season and it is also our theme for the  month.  We’ve got lots of peppermint flavored treats to share with you as well as some darling peppermint inspired crafts!  Be sure and visit all the blogs to check out the details on their peppermint project.  We’d love for you to pin the collage below,  check out my recipe below  and then [Continue Reading...]

Gingerbread Caramel Corn

Gingerbread Caramel Corn

We are huge popcorn fans at our house.  I grew up on popcorn.  A big bowl of popcorn and a bag of M & M’s every Sunday night as we watched Wonderful World of Disney.  Am I dating myself? We love all forms of popcorn but one of our favorites is this easy Microwave Caramel Corn.  It is a recipe a friend gave to me over 20 years and we have never found a caramel corn recipe we like better.  It is often requested by my children in a care [Continue Reading...]

White Chocolate Peppermint Toffee

wc peppermint toffee300

  Yesterday we had our annual candy/cookie making day with my girls, my mom and a few friends and neighbors.  This year it was more of a candy making day than a cookie making day. I love making candy and actually prefer it to cookies.  Candy stores better than cookies.  We made caramels, peppermint white chocolate fudge, rocky road fudge, boston creams, cinnamon white chocolate pretzels, chocolate crinkles, jam diagonals and today’s recipe for White Chocolate Peppermint Toffee. A lot of people are afraid to make candy but really, as [Continue Reading...]