White Chocolate Popcorn Crunch & Sixlet Candy Giveaway

White Chocolate Popcorn Crunch

Are you one of “those” – one of “those” that has ALL of their holiday gifts purchased and wrapped?? I must admit I am kinda one of “those.”   The gifts for my children and family are bought and wrapped (o.k. except for a couple!) but every year I find myself scrambling for all those miscellaneous gifts – you know the ones -the teachers, the neighbors, etc. Today’s recipe for white chocolate popcorn crunch is the perfect thing to throw together when you are scrambling for one of those last [Continue Reading…]

White Chocolate Candy Corn Popcorn

white chocolate popcorn

This recipe for White Chocolate Candy Corn Popcorn is one that I posted on the blog several years go.  Somehow it disappeared.  I’ve had that happen with a couple of recipes and not sure why but this is too good to lose. I have a Christmas version of this popcorn here. The recipe starts with 2 packages of microwave popcorn.  You can totally use airpopped or stove popped popcorn as well.  I love the added salt and buttery taste the microwave popcorn adds over plain airpopped corn. I used Wilton [Continue Reading…]

Halloween Popcorn with Orange and Dark Chocolate

halloween popcorn

My love of creamsicle and white chocolate took over today.  I decided I needed.  That would be NEEDED to make some Halloween Popcorn.  The first version I made and shared a few years ago is white chocolate popcorn with candy corn.  I think I could eat anything if it was covered in white chocolate and had candy corn in it.  Maybe even a potato!  (For those of you new to the blog, I do not eat potatoes!) I wanted the new Halloween Popcorn to look Halloweenie so I figured I [Continue Reading…]

We got Spooked!


Our neighborhood has a fun tradition of “spooking” each other during the month of October.  I am not sure who starts it but I’m glad they do.  This year, since we only had one teenager left at home, I was afraid we would get left out of the “spooking” but thankfully we didn’t! I love it each October when my doorbell rings and when I answer there is no one there except a fun Halloween surprise!  The idea is that after you are spooked you put together a Halloween surprise and [Continue Reading…]