Weekend Recap}It’s Summer!


Summer is officially here in Portland – finally.  This weekend is the first one that has really felt like summer.  It was hot.  I think we actually hit 80 degrees today. We tried hard to get all our work done each day so that we could play a little too.  We are on countdown to our son’s wedding (5 weeks to the wedding and 7 weeks to the Wedding Carnival) so I am trying not to panic.  The other night I couldn’t sleep because  all the things I still have [Continue Reading…]

Projects and Weekend Recap


It was all about projects at our house this weekend. I’ve got a list a mile long. Most of the projects on my list have something to do with a little wedding we have going on later this summer. I love a good project.  I love coming up with the idea for the project, making the plan for the project, executing the project but nothing feels quite as good as finishing the project and crossing it off the list! This weekend I crossed a couple of projects off my list. [Continue Reading…]

Cirque du Soleil & Weekend Recap


I spent the week trying to get caught up after being out of town for ten days and enjoying having one of my kiddos back home. I was also glad to see I didn’t totally miss my beautiful tulips.  They were still going strong in the garden. We also made our first trip of the season to the Farmer’s Market.  We went to the one in Hillsboro and picked up some strawberry starts and some herbs for the garden. I had some fun playing with paper this week creating a [Continue Reading…]

Utah and Weekend Recap


Jim and I drove to Utah this weekend.  Jim was kind enough to take off a few days of work so I didn’t have to drive myself and perhaps not arrive in one piece.  He enjoyed a few days with the kids, golfing with the boys, visiting some old friends and has returned home.  I’ll be driving back to Portland the end of the week.   The drive is worth it because I am bringing one of my kiddos back home with me! We also got to enjoy this at [Continue Reading…]

Giveaway Winner and a Weekend Recap


Thanks to all of you who helped bring some smiles to the families at the Ronald McDonald House by sending a photo through eSmiles! I was fortunate to spend some time at one of the Ronald McDonald houses here in Portland this weekend.  I joined a group of people from church as we spent the day cleaning, landscaping and cooking in the kitchen (guess where I was?)  The families staying at the Ronald McDonald House are so appreciative of everything that is done for them.  Despite the stress they are [Continue Reading…]