Utah Restaurants and Weekend Recap


Home Sweet Home! Posting has been a bit light this week because I spent the last 10 days in Utah enjoying the company of my four kids and other family members (Thank you Emily and Wynn for putting up with me that long!!)  Tessa and I are home now and I’m glad to be sleeping in my own bed.  Didn’t realize how much I missed green. When we pulled into the driveway after our long drive this is what we found! How cute is that !  Jim worked hard while [Continue Reading…]

Utah and Weekend Recap


Jim and I drove to Utah this weekend.  Jim was kind enough to take off a few days of work so I didn’t have to drive myself and perhaps not arrive in one piece.  He enjoyed a few days with the kids, golfing with the boys, visiting some old friends and has returned home.  I’ll be driving back to Portland the end of the week.   The drive is worth it because I am bringing one of my kiddos back home with me! We also got to enjoy this at [Continue Reading…]

Provo Food Adventures


As I mentioned before I spent a few days in Provo, Utah last week visiting my three Utah kids.  Because several of you have asked I am sharing my Provo Food Adventures. One of my favorite things to do while in Utah is check out some fun new eateries.  Of course there are always a few tried and true I need to hit each time – Cafe Rio where Logan treated me to dinner and The Chocolate. I actually made it to The Chocolate twice!!  Thanks to my blog friends [Continue Reading…]

Utah Visit – To Thine Own Self Be True

to thine own self

I am headed to Utah this week to see the 3 Utah kids.  I can’t wait! One of the main reasons for my visit is to see Cali perform in a show at BYU. The show is entitled To Thine Own Self Be True: Being Female at BYU.  The show is created from scratch by BYU students about their experiences as women at BYU. The show runs for about 1 hour and is  written and directed by students.  They explore the challenges and opportunities for women at BYU.   They will [Continue Reading…]

Provo Food Adventures


As I mentioned yesterday, I spent the majority of this last week in Provo, Utah visiting my three kids that live there. Every time I visit I have my list of places to eat. I must always get my Cafe Rio fix!  I did that as usual but I also look forward to finding some new places to try out. For my Utah readers I thought I’d share where we went and what we ate. Tuesday, Cali got done with school early so I picked her up for lunch.  Logan [Continue Reading…]