How to Make a Wall Collage with Cut It Out Frames and Giveaway

Cut It Out Frames

My mother is an expert picture hanger. She knows exactly how to place it and where to hang it to make it looks its best. My father is the meticulous measurer who makes sure the nail gets in the right place the first time. I think I inherited my mother’s picture hanging skills and not my fathers. There are usually 3-4 nail holes behind every picture that I hang because I don’t take the time to measure – I just start hammering.  Drives my husband crazy!!!! I recently discovered an [Continue Reading…]

Framed Chalkboard Tutorial

Framed Chalkboard

I love using signage at parties.  I like people to know what they are eating!  Pretty signs just add that extra touch. Over the years I have acquired quite a collection of signs, easels and other various things to use as signage at parties.  One of my favorite things to use is a chalkboard.  I have several small chalkboards that I have used at parties but I decided I needed a big chalkboard.  I mean really big – 28 x 50 inches to be exact. We are planning an Italian [Continue Reading…]

Fabric Pennant Banner Tutorial

fabric pennant banner

One of my favorite decorations to make for a party is a fabric pennant banner.  A banner just makes everything more festive!  It’s also a great way to tie your color scheme together. It also gives me an excuse to play with fabric which I love. You may remember the banner I made for our family Christmas card photo this last year. And here is the one I made for my Mummies Night Out last October. Tessa’s Sail Away Graduation party was the perfect excuse to make another one!  This [Continue Reading…]

Cake Plate Tutorial


Today I am excited to share with you my second video tutorial. This tutorial will show you how you can create your own pretty vintage inspired cake plates.  I’ve been making them for the last year or so and giving them as gifts to girlfriends.  They love them! If you liked that cute rooster cake plate I gave to Pioneer Women be sure and watch the tutorial to find out how to make your own. The glue I use in the tutorial is The Amazing E6000 which I picked up [Continue Reading…]