Best Shoes for Traveling

best travel shoes

Today I’m back to talk about shoes and the best shoes for traveling. When you are traveling, especially in Europe or any place where you will be doing a lot of walking shoes are VERY important. When we travel we walk a lot. My mode of traveling might not be for everyone but I believe that if you are somewhere like Paris or London you don’t spend a lot of time in your hotel room. You get up in the morning and you go, go, go until you can’t go [Continue Reading…]

What to Pack for Travel to Europe

Travel Wardrobe2

Since I returned from our trip I have had requests from many of you to share what clothes I took on our trip.  Now remember, I am not a fashion blogger but I have done my best with this post. Packing is hard for me.  I am not a light packer by nature.  Just ask my husband!  I am not sure I will ever be one of those people that can travel through Europe for a month with just a carry on! So here are a few tips for packing, [Continue Reading…]

Travel Wardrobe Update


Several of you have asked so I thought I’d give you a travel wardrobe update.  A follow up to my Travel Wardrobe post I did before my trip to London/Paris. I am not a light packer so I was very proud of myself when my suitcase only weighed 30 lbs.   That was on the way to Europe – we won’t talk about how much it weighed on the way home and the fact that we had to buy another suitcase in London in order to get all our things home.  [Continue Reading…]

Travel Wardrobe


I have spent the last few months worrying about what clothes I was going to take on my European Adventure.  To be totally honest I have been worrying about it since January when I received my ticket for my birthday!!  Clothes are kind of important to me and I stress over them.  I need to be sure I am prepared for whatever or wherever I may go, I want to look good and cute and fit everything into one suitcase (that’s the real challenge). Since Cali has been in London [Continue Reading…]