Slow Cooker Al Pastor Tacos

slow cooker al pastor tacos

These yummy al pastor tacos are full of amazing flavor and so easy because they are done in the slow cooker. This post is sponsored by Mom It Forward and Cans Get You Cooking.  All opinions are my own. I was living under a misconception. All these years I thought slow cooker cooking was only for the fall and winter.  Not for summer.  I was wrong.  I’m not sure where this idea came from but I firmly believed that you only cooked with your slow cooker in the cooler months. [Continue Reading…]

Chicken Tacos with Salsa Cream Sauce

These Chicken Tacos with Salsa Cream Sauce are easy to make and full of lots of great flavor. A perfect family meal.

Chicken Tacos with Salsa Cream Sauce are so easy to make and full of lots of great flavor.  The cream sauce adds another flavor dimension to this easy family meal idea! Tacos are a go to meal at our house.  They were when I was a kid too except then they usually were made with a crispy shell, hamburger with taco seasoning mix and some grated cheese on top and a drizzle of ketchup!  Although I still love a good basic taco like we ate when I was a kid, [Continue Reading…]

Chipotle Lime Chicken Tacos

Chipotle-Lime Chicken Tacos

Enjoy these flavorful and easy to prepare chipotle lime chicken tacos for dinner this week. We still subscribe to the newspaper.  I know it may soon be a thing of the past but I still like a real newspaper.  There are two main reasons why I subscribe to the newspaper.  One is for the Tuesday FoodDay section  and the other is for the Friday Arts & Entertainment section and their restaurant suggestions.  You see, the newspaper is all about food for me, not news! Over the years, I’ve gotten a lot [Continue Reading…]

Korean Beef Tacos

Korean Beef Tacos

Since the start of the year I have had a fun time experimenting with and sharing a new slow cooker recipe with you each week.  Unfortunately not all slow cooker recipes are created equal and the one I was hoping to share this week just didn’t make the cut.  So instead of a slow cooker recipe this Monday you are going to get a yummy Korean beef taco recipe.  It’s not made in the slow cooker but it is still a delicious and easy dinner idea! Korean Tacos are a [Continue Reading…]

Slow Cooker Salsa Verde Carnitas

slow cooker salsa verde carnitas

This slow cooker salsa verde carnitas is definitely a family favorite around here! I think today’s recipe gets the award for the most cooked recipe by my college kids.   I’ve had college kids for about the past 13 years (the baby graduates this April!!) and my four kids have probably made this recipe more than any other one while they’ve been away at college.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  It’s easy and it’s delicious! It is made in a slow cooker and it also makes a [Continue Reading…]

San Diego Style Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos

Our oldest son moved to San Diego in January.  The first thing we did was figure out when we could down and visit. I love San Diego!  I think if I had to pick a city other than Portland to live in it would be San Diego.  The weather is awesome, I love the feel and pace of the city, beautiful scenery and they have amazing fish tacos! We spent a long weekend down in San Diego a month or so ago and I think in the four days we [Continue Reading…]

Pork Carnitas

pork carnitas

Have you ever seen a photo of a recipe on Pinterest that looked amazing.  Totally drool worthy and you couldn’t wait to try it?  If you’re lucky it tastes half as good as the photo looks. Except of course if you are trying one of my recipes! Today’s recipes is one of “those” recipes.  Not only did it taste half as good as the photo looked it tasted just as good if not better than the photo looked.  The photo looked pretty good.  Today’s recipe is from my friend Martha [Continue Reading…]

Baked Tacos


This week’s quick and easy dinner is a quick one!  One of my go to meals when the kids were young were tacos.  I, also, remember it being one of my mom’s go to meals.  It doesn’t get much easier than browning up some meat, adding in a packet of seasoning and wrapping it in a tortilla! The only problem was, I am a crispy taco shell girl.  You know, the kind you bake in the oven first.  The only problem though is the entire shell cracks and falls apart [Continue Reading…]

Brisket Tacos with Mango BBQ Sauce in the Crock Pot

Brisket Tacos with Mango BBQ Sauce

I think I have finally embraced my crock pot. I am not sure why it has taken me so long.   I keep thinking about all the years I have missed out on of enjoying the ease of having dinner cooking first thing in the morning and not having to stress mid afternoon about what I’m going to fix!  I may be slow but I eventually get there! Today’s recipe for Brisket Tacos with Mango BBQ Sauce in the Crock Pot uses one of my favorite cuts of meat.  I love [Continue Reading…]