Irish Soda Bread

Irish Soda Bread

Today’s recipe is the perfect meal accompaniment for your Slow Cooker Corned Beef for your St. Patrick’s Day feast! Soda Bread is a quick bread that is made with baking soda as it’s leavening agent instead of yeast.   It is also traditionally made with buttermilk.  The buttermilk causes a chemical reaction with the baking soda to cause little  bubbles to of carbon dioxide to form. Soda Bread is often made with raisins or nuts but I am kind of a plain jane some time so I left mine plain or [Continue Reading…]

Slow Cooker Corned Beef

slow cooker corned beef

I know a lot of people have a green dinner to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  I like green food but I don’t like food that is green that is not suppose to be green (i.e., eggs, potatoes, pancakes etc.)  So instead of celebrating with a “green dinner” I’d rather celebrate with a little more traditional cuisine.  Corned Beef seems to be a favorite choice.  Now I have been to Ireland and must admit I never was served or ate corned beef while I was there. I’m thinking we here in [Continue Reading…]

20 St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

20 St. Patrick's Day Recipes from

Julie has put a fun St. Patrick’s Day round up of food together for us today!  There are so many fun recipes  for your St. Patrick Day meal – some more traditional Irish food as well as plenty of green too!  Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  Do  you do green food or a more traditional Irish  meal?? Knock Off Cheesecake Factory Brown Bread from White Lights on Wednesday Irish Colcannon from Barefoot in the Kitchen Copycat Shamrock Shake from Wine & Glue Corned Beef Canapes from Around My Family [Continue Reading…]

St. Patrick’s Day Round Up

Photo shop

So just in case you need a little help planning your St. Patrick’s Day menu I thought I’d give you some ideas with today’s St. Patrick’s Day Round Up.  None of the recipes are very Irish but they are all GREEN! We’ll start with dessert first – isn’t that the most important part of any meal?? Green and mint just seem to go together and what better way to combine them than in a brownie!  BYU Mint Brownies are one of my favorite college memories – that and meeting my [Continue Reading…]

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner and Treat Ideas


If you need a fun treat idea for St. Patrick’s Day be sure and check out my Leprechaun Bark that I made last year. And for dinner you might want to try Pesto Chicken and Roasted Asparagus. And of course a nice Spinach Apple Salad would go perfectly too!  Add in some thin slices of green apple for extra green (apples missing in the photo). Hope your St. Paddy’s Day is a good one – best of luck to you!

Lucky Leprechaun Cookie Bark

Leprachaun cookie bark

Usually I just ignore St. Patrick’s Day.  Maybe it’s my lack of Irish blood. So I was planning to just let it slip by again this year until during an email exchange with a blog reader we came up with the idea for some Lucky Leprechaun Cookie Bark! I really thought I was done with cookie bark. First there was Candy Corn Cookie Bark. Then there was Reindeer Corn Cookie Bark and at course at Valentine’s there was Cupid Corn Cookie Bar. But now there is Lucky Leprechaun Cookie Bark [Continue Reading…]