Sausage and Egg Stack

Egg & Sausage Stack

I love breakfast for dinner, especially since I am not a big breakfast for breakfast girl. My body is just not quite ready to eat first thing in the morning, it prefers breakfast in the liquid form.  As a kid I lived on one of those chocolate drink mixes for breakfast and nowadays I enjoy my green smoothie my husband makes for me every morning.  Got to get my veggies. But breakfast for dinner is perfect.  Today’s recipe is one of those “clean out the refrigerator” kind of recipes.  It [Continue Reading…]

Spanish Scramble


I love to stay at bed & breakfasts.  When my husband and I traveled through Ireland about ten years ago we stayed in many lovely B & B’s as we drove through the country.  We loved meeting the people, staying in their homes and getting to know the country from the inside out.  One thing we discovered though was that everyone in Ireland eats the same thing for breakfast, every morning.  Eggs, sausage, tomato and something called blood pudding.  Believe me you don’t want to know what blood pudding is [Continue Reading…]