The Thrill of Finishing


I have always been an ambitious person. I derive a lot of enjoyment from setting and accomplishing goals. For the first 27 years of my married life, many of my goals were focused on the raising of my four children and running a successful direct sales business for 20 years. I got a lot of satisfaction from both “jobs,” and the recognition I received from my business validated me professionally. Two years ago. I found myself in a different place in my life. My husband and I became empty nesters, [Continue Reading…]

I Can Do Hard Things

Hard things

This is my motto for today. Today I will finish a half marathon. Something I have never done before. In fact, before this last year I had never run. But you see now I am a runner. There has been a mixture of excitement, anxiety, nervousness etc. this week.  I have done the work, I have put in the miles and now I just need to have confidence in myself and enjoy the journey!  As my friend and running mentor Heidi says, “At this point it is 95% mental!” I [Continue Reading…]

I Am a Runner

Mt. Tabor 5K

I am a runner. Those were words I thought I would never say. Last week I found myself in a local bike shop looking for some Hammer nutritional items. The fellow helping me kept talking about cycling and how he uses them while he cycles.  It was a bike shop after all but I found myself saying to him,  “I am a runner.”  After I said it, I thought to myself, I am a runner!  Even though I thought I would never be one. This past summer Cali came home [Continue Reading…]