How to Make Caramel Apples}Apple Pie Caramel Apples

Step by Step to creating PERFECT Caramel Apples

My friend Diane was in town visiting for a few days this last week.  Diane is an amazing women in many ways. A single mom of 7, full time student, and an entrepreneur. She is also an amazing caramel apple maker.  I was so excited when she volunteered to show me her technique.  It was a fun way to create some Thanksgiving gifts for people too. I have made caramel apples before and have always made my caramel from scratch.  Delicious but a little labor intensive.  Diane showed me a [Continue Reading…]

Avalanche Bark

avalanche bark

About a month ago I received a package in the mail.  A package from one of my amazing blog readers, Abby. This package contained something delicious – Avalanche Bark.  I had never heard of Avalanche Bark before but knowing that I was a fellow “bark” lover Abby was sure I would enjoy it too.  She was right. The recipe is a copycat recipe from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  I love their caramel apples but have never tried the Avalanche Bark.  But now I don’t have too.  I can make it [Continue Reading…]