Favorite Utah Restaurants

Favorite Utah Restaurants

In February I spent almost two weeks in Utah.  I attended two conferences, spent time with my girls and other family and ate.  One of my favorite things to do with my girls is to try new restaurants and visit some of my favorites.  I spent a lot time in Salt Lake City this trip because of my conferences  so I got to check out some new SLC eateries. I have driven by Eva’s Bakery in downtown Salt Lake many times.  Each time I thought, it looks just like Paris! [Continue Reading…]

My Weekend -Story@Home and New Provo Restaurants

Tortilla Bar 1

So you may have noticed that I didn’t host the Finding the Pretty  & Delicious Linky Party this weekend.  I was a little busy this weekend.  I flew to Utah on Wednesday to participate in the Roots Tech/Story@Home Conference that was happening in Salt Lake City. I was able to attend some of the wonderful classes that were offered and I was privileged to be able to be one of the presenters too.  My presentation was on Thursday afternoon and was entitled Life is in the Details.  I talked about [Continue Reading…]

Portland}Tasty n Sons

Tasty n Sons

Today’s my birthday and I’m off to celebrate just how I like – with lots of good food, my friends and family (only Jim since the kids are at school), and a trip to Goodwill with my friend Marsha to find some treasures!!  I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite Portland restaurants while I’m out celebrating in my wonderful city! While the kids were home for the holiday we did a little bit of eating, just a little bit.  At home and out.  We had to hit [Continue Reading…]

Portland}Heslers on Alberta

Heslers on Alberta

If you are new to the blog, on the weekends I share some place I love about the wonderful city I live in – Portland! The last two weeks we have been hanging out on NE Alberta with our Portland posts and we are just going to keep on visiting!  If you haven’t been over to NE Alberta, there are so many fun shops and restaurants. Today we are going out to breakfast. Hesler’s has been around since 1994 and they use many family recipes including their buttermilk pancake recipe [Continue Reading…]

Provo Food Adventures


As I mentioned before I spent a few days in Provo, Utah last week visiting my three Utah kids.  Because several of you have asked I am sharing my Provo Food Adventures. One of my favorite things to do while in Utah is check out some fun new eateries.  Of course there are always a few tried and true I need to hit each time – Cafe Rio where Logan treated me to dinner and The Chocolate. I actually made it to The Chocolate twice!!  Thanks to my blog friends [Continue Reading…]