Asian Pork and Cabbage Salad

asian pork and cabbage salad

This week’s quick, easy and delicious dinner recipe for Asian Pork and Cabbage Salad is a one that a good friend shared with me recently. I LOVE it when my friends share recipes with me (hint, hint) The recipe came from a diabetic cookbook so it is on the healthier side of things Just right for the first of the year and all those resolutions we have to lose weight. Now if you don’t have a resolution to lose weight I would totally serve this over rice. But because there [Continue Reading…]

Chicken Amandine Recipe – dinner in under fifteen minutes

Chicken Amandine

Dinner in under fifteen minutes?  Really! My mom is a big fan of the TV show Chew.  I have never actually seen it but she raves about it all the time and one of these days I’m going to watch.  Maybe when I’m done working on the Wedding Carnival! She has sent me several recipes that she has seen them prepare on the show and they are always delicious and this recipe was no different.  We loved it.  We try a lot of new recipes at our house but sometimes [Continue Reading…]

Quick Chicken and Rice Soup


In my ongoing efforts to please, today’s recipe is per your requests for quick and easy dinner ideas.  Especially ones that are easy to pull together after a long day of running kids to ball games, practices etc. Here in the NW, those ball games and practices are pretty cold and wet this time of year.  For me, on days like that, nothing tastes better for dinner than a warm bowl of soup. The best part about soup is that it can be made ahead of time and then just [Continue Reading…]

Penne with Spinach and Chicken Sausage


If you are a fan of my Facebook Page I’ve been keeping you posted on my latest organizing frenzy.  I attacked my office first and then it was onto my bedroom and closet.  I even gave away a couple of pair of black boots the other day so if you aren’t a fan of Your Homebased Mom on Facebook you might want to be.  You don’t even have to have a Facebook Account. I’m headed into my husband’s office, which now houses all my serving pieces.  Let’s just say with [Continue Reading…]