Curry Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Curry Soup

I think I should have named this soup Heavenly Soup instead of Curry Pumpkin Soup. The first time I ever tried  a squash type soup was an evening I will never forget.  Jim and I were in Acapulco and were attending an “all white” dinner in a home that sat on a cliff overlooking the ocean.  Everyone was dressed in white, the tables and decor were all in white. White lights were everywhere.  We truly felt like we had just stepped into heaven.  It had the most amazing ethereal feel [Continue Reading…]

Roasted Vegetable and Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Soup

I am a late comer to the world of pumpkin.  It may have taken me 52 years but I am a pumpkin convert. I still don’t care for pumpkin pie (it’s the texture) but I have learned to love the flavor of pumpkin.  I’ve gotfsn a little crazy lately cooking with pumpkin so I have a whole week full of pumpkin recipes for you.  Hope you don’t mind We are going to start off this week of pumpkin themed recipes with Roasted Vegetable and Pumpkin Soup. This soup is delicious! [Continue Reading…]