Weekend Recap}It’s Summer!


Summer is officially here in Portland – finally.  This weekend is the first one that has really felt like summer.  It was hot.  I think we actually hit 80 degrees today. We tried hard to get all our work done each day so that we could play a little too.  We are on countdown to our son’s wedding (5 weeks to the wedding and 7 weeks to the Wedding Carnival) so I am trying not to panic.  The other night I couldn’t sleep because  all the things I still have [Continue Reading…]

Projects and Weekend Recap


It was all about projects at our house this weekend. I’ve got a list a mile long. Most of the projects on my list have something to do with a little wedding we have going on later this summer. I love a good project.  I love coming up with the idea for the project, making the plan for the project, executing the project but nothing feels quite as good as finishing the project and crossing it off the list! This weekend I crossed a couple of projects off my list. [Continue Reading…]

Project Week


Today is the first day of our Spring Break. Tessa is headed to Utah to spend the week with her siblings and Jim and I are staying home.  This week we will practice being empty nesters. The whole idea of being an empty nester stresses me out.  I’m not ready.  I’m not old enough! If there are any empty nesters out there reading this, please, tell me it’s going to be o.k.! I have declared this week (actually four days) of being an empty nester as Project Week. I was [Continue Reading…]