Candy Corn Kettle Corn

Candy Corn Kettle Corn

One of my favorite smells at the local Farmer’s Market or fair is the smell of Kettle Corn being made.  I simply can’t resist it! Since the Farmer’s market or fair aren’t always open or available when my craving for Kettle Corn hits I simply make a batch at home.  It is so easy.  Given my obsession with candy corn I decided to dress up my kettle corn with a candy corn version. You are going to make your kettle corn the old fashion way.  On top of the stove [Continue Reading...]

Popcorn Cake

Popcorn Cake

It’s the 10th of June which means another fabulous themed roundup from this talented bunch of bloggers! This month’s theme is POLKA DOTS! Who doesn’t love polka dots, right? So fun, playful and classic. Each month I love seeing how each blogger takes the theme and runs with it… and this month is no different. Such amazing projects! You can see my Polka Dot Popcorn Cake below and then be sure to go and see what everyone else is sharing as well! Lots of pinworthy fun! 1. Summer Punch Card from [Continue Reading...]

Popcorn Making & Media Viewing}Activity Day Idea

popcorn making

At our last Activity Day Girl get together we made lots of yummy popcorn.  But first we talked about appropriate  media viewing because our favorite place to eat popcorn is the movie theater or watching a movie at home! I started off by asking the girls if their family had media viewing guidelines.  I didn’t ask them what they were but I wanted to make sure they all knew where their parents stood on appropriate media.  I talked about how family’s guidelines may be different but it was important to [Continue Reading...]

Caramel Corn in the microwave!

Caramel Corn

Today I’ve got a Recipe Redo for you.  This recipe has been a family favorite for a long time – over 25 years.  I first shared in back in 2008. I got the recipe from my friend Pam.  We were in a family home evening group together with some other moms.  Each month we took turns putting together a lesson, visual aids and a treat idea for everyone that could be used for our weekly family home evening. One month my friend Pam shared her family’s caramel corn recipe for [Continue Reading...]

Key Lime White Chocolate Popcorn

Key Lime White Chocolate Popcorn

I will pick a citrus flavor over chocolate any day!  Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate  but I love citrus a bit more. But when I can have my citrus flavor with chocolate that is even better.  Today’s recipe for Key Lime White Chocolate Popcorn makes it so I don’t have to choose! The ingredients are pretty simple.  Popcorn is essential.  I like to pop mine in the air popper but you can also use microwave popcorn.  You need about 16 cups of popped corn.  You can use white [Continue Reading...]

Nutty Popcorn Snack Mix and a $150 Gift Card Giveaway

Nutty Popcorn Snack Mix

Congratulations to Comment #98 for winning the $150.00 Gift Card  Ashley in PDX – her favorite park is Yellowstone but she needs to get to Crater Lake ! Today I am joining together with the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) and Smuckers to help protect the parks. The J.M. Smucker Company, and its Adams®, Laura Scudder’s®, and Smucker’s® Natural Peanut Butter brands are encouraging readers to get active in their own communities and parks. I live in the Northwest and we are very aware of  conservation and preservation.  We are blessed to [Continue Reading...]

15 Favorite Christmas Sweets

Christmas Sweets

A few days ago I shared my 25 Favorite Christmas Cookies.  I need to give equal time though to candy.   Candy plays as big a part in our holiday goodies as cookies do, if not bigger.  We love Christmas candy at our house!  I have been fortunate to have a couple of good candy makers share their talents with me over the years. Today I’ll be sharing some of our favorite sweet treats – everything from fudge to cookie bark to popcorn.  I even threw in a little spicy [Continue Reading...]

White Chocolate Popcorn Crunch & Sixlet Candy Giveaway

White Chocolate Popcorn Crunch

Are you one of “those” – one of “those” that has ALL of their holiday gifts purchased and wrapped?? I must admit I am kinda one of “those.”   The gifts for my children and family are bought and wrapped (o.k. except for a couple!) but every year I find myself scrambling for all those miscellaneous gifts – you know the ones -the teachers, the neighbors, etc. Today’s recipe for white chocolate popcorn crunch is the perfect thing to throw together when you are scrambling for one of those last [Continue Reading...]

Gingerbread Caramel Corn

Gingerbread Caramel Corn

We are huge popcorn fans at our house.  I grew up on popcorn.  A big bowl of popcorn and a bag of M & M’s every Sunday night as we watched Wonderful World of Disney.  Am I dating myself? We love all forms of popcorn but one of our favorites is this easy Microwave Caramel Corn.  It is a recipe a friend gave to me over 20 years and we have never found a caramel corn recipe we like better.  It is often requested by my children in a care [Continue Reading...]