Potato Skins:Ree & Leigh{Anne}

potato skins

Note:  I’ll be back home from girl’s camp tomorrow.  I am sure I will be glad to sleep in my own bed after a week on a bunk bed and a sleeping bag!  I’m sure I’ll have some photos to share! My men love potato skins and so do my girls. In fact they have been a standard part of our Christmas Eve menu for decades! Well, when I saw the recipe for potato skins in Pioneer Women Cooks I knew they were not just for Christmas Eve any more.  [Continue Reading…]

Maple Pecan Scones:Ree & Leigh{Anne}


I actually made this Pioneer Woman recipe months ago but I have been saving it for this week – the week I would be in London hopefully enjoying some real English scones and tea with my daughter.  Somewhere fabulous like Kensington Palace, Harrods or the Ritz!  I’ll let you know where we end up but tea with my daughter in England is top of our to do list. I love scones and enjoy playing with what I put in them.  Sometimes it is chocolate chips other times it is craisinets [Continue Reading…]

Cowboy Calzones

Cowboy Calzones are quick and easy and great for leftovers!

Calzones are the perfect meal on the go. They are a great way to use leftovers too. Cowboys may like calzone because they are quick and easy to eat on the run but so do us civilian folk , especially busy civilian folk!! A calzone is like a pizza pocket or turnover.  In Italian it actually means “stocking” or “trouser”.  Not really sure how it resembles a stocking or trouser but oh well! The great thing about calzone is they can be eaten out of hand or with a knife [Continue Reading…]

Sherried Tomato Soup:Ree & Leigh{Anne}


I love tomato soup.  I have loved tomato soup since I was a kid.  I think one of my favorite lunches or dinners growing up was tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich – wasn’t it yours too?  Hands down, tomato soup always won out over chicken noodle or any other soup. Of course there was that stage I went through when I was about two when the only thing I would eat was Turkey Vegetable soup – cold and unconstituted!  Fortunately I outgrew that one but I have never [Continue Reading…]