Cornish Pasty}Meat & Potato Pie

cornish pasty (2)

After returning from my recent trip and not cooking for 3 weeks I asked on Facebook what you would like to see on the blog in the coming weeks recipe wise.  One of you said you’d love to see some recipes for some of the things I ate on my trip.  Those of you who followed along on Instagram got to see some of that food.  I thought that was a great idea and I already had a few ideas brewing in my tired little head. Today’s recipe is for [Continue Reading…]

French Crumb Apple Pie {Activity Day Idea}

french crumb apple

This week was our twice a month Activity Day for the 8-11 year old girls at church.  When I asked them what were some of the things they wanted to learn in Activity Days one of the answers I got from quite of few of them was cook/bake.  So this week we decided to teach them to make pies. We made French Crumb Apple Pie. Teaching 9 girls how to make a pie in one hour is a little overwhelming.  My first word of advice is – get help!  I [Continue Reading…]

Lemon Meringue Pie, Family Stories and Meringue Tutorial

lemon meringue pie

For Christmas this year my mother gave me a cookbook.  This wasn’t one of the newest cookbooks on the bookstore shelves.  This cookbook was over 60 years old.  It was given to my mother when she was 20 years old by her grandmother –  my Great Grandmother Mary Calista Welles Schenck  (I love the fact that she spelled my mother’s name wrong.  There is an E on her Anne!) My memories of my Great Grandmother are faint and few.  She passed away when I was eight years old.  But I [Continue Reading…]

Perfect Pie Crust Tutorial

Perfect Pie Crust Tutorial

Are you scared of pie crust?  I use to be.  I admit it can be a bit intimidating.  And nothing can ruin a good pie quicker than a bad pie crust! Pie crust should be flaky and tender not tough. There are a lot of pie crust recipes out there.  Some of the recipes use shortening and others swear by all butter. Several years ago a friend and I did a pie crust bake off.  We tried all different recipes and combinations to see which one we thought was the [Continue Reading…]