What’s For Dinner}Weekly Meal Plan #25 & Giveaway!

Meal Plan #25

{Giveaway Closed} What Leigh Anne’s Loving: Many of you know I spent 20 years helping people organize, preserve their photos and record their memories.  I watched the industry move from paper scrapbooking to digital during t hose 20 years.  And with it came a big problem.  People stopped printing their photos.  They left them on their computer, their memory cards and their jump drives.  There is a problem with this.  Computers crash! I lost count of how many people I knew that lost priceless, irreplaceable photos as a result of [Continue Reading…]

Photo Organization – “Can Someone Please Do It For Me?”


Many of you know that I spent 20 years of my life helping people organize their photos. I helped them get those photos out of their shoe boxes, out from underneath the bed and attic and into an archival quality scrapbook where they could enjoy the photos and preserve the stories. Even though I am no longer with that company I still have a love and passion for photos and the importance of having our photos somewhere safe and where they can be enjoyed.  During those twenty years I watched [Continue Reading…]