Peppermint Ice Cream Dark Chocolate Cake Roll

Peppermint Ice Cream Roll

At our house cake can not be eaten without ice cream.  It is a rule! When  Pillsbury®  sent me some of their new holiday flavored products I was excited to try out the dark chocolate cake mix.  Peppermint is another one of their holiday favorites and one of my personal favorites too! Peppermint is the perfect companion to dark chocolate in my book!  I wait all year for peppermint ice cream to come out in the stores so I decided to make a peppermint ice cream dark chocolate cake roll. [Continue Reading…]

Peppermint Ice Cream

peppermnint ice creamrs

So I have developed quite a love affair with peppermint this holiday season.  I blame it on those white chocolate peppermint M & M’s.  They got me started and I can’t seem to stop. When my husband was a kid they had a family tradition on New Years of making peppermint ice cream with all the leftover candy canes.  I like that kind of tradition. Tillamook Peppermint Candy Ice Cream is or should I say WAS one of my favorites.  This summer I discovered that Tillamook has discontinued Peppermint.  I [Continue Reading…]