Valentine Peeps Bouquet


Valentine Peeps Bouquet Peeps are not just for Easter anymore! Yes, I am a self proclaimed Peeps fan.  You know, those cute little marshmallow birds that use to only come out at Easter. My favorite way to eat them is of course to leave the bag open and let them dry out a bit. Yum! Well, you may or may not have noticed that Peeps now come out at all the major holidays and I love it! I no longer have to wait until the Spring to indulge. For Valentine’s [Continue Reading…]

Peep Round Up

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In preparation for Easter I thought it would be fun to do a little Peep Round Up – a collection of the different Peep and Easter ideas I have shared the past few years. I found a common theme in most of my Easter posts – they almost all had Peeps in them. Guess I kind of like those little fellows. One of my favorite Easter ideas did not involve Peeps – Bunny Cookie Bark.  So pretty and delicious. One of the things I love about Peeps is that they [Continue Reading…]

Peeps on a Stick

Peeps on a

So if you have read my blog for any length of time you know that I am a bit of a Peep fan. People usually either love them or hate them.  I love them. I have loved them since I was a kid.  They are just so darn cute!  Of course, my favorite way to eat them is after they have dried out for a while. Well, I couldn’t let this Easter season go by without a Peep idea or two.  The Peep company actually came up with this idea [Continue Reading…]

Chocolate Covered Peep Bouquet and Peep S’mores


So I am a Peep lover.  Since I was a little girl my favorite Easter candy has always been Peeps.  As any experienced Peep connoisseur knows, Peeps are best eaten after they have dried out for a few days.  It makes them oh so nice and chewy. But a close second to a dried out Peep is a chocolate covered Peep! Last year I went a little crazy and started covering all kinds of Easter goodies in chocolate. There were Peeps, Oreos and Gummies.  They were so yummy I had [Continue Reading…]