25 Pasta Salad Recipes

25 Pasta Salads

A good pasta salad recipe is an important part of a recipe repertoire!  Check out this collection of 25 recipes to add your  repertoire. With all the summertime BBQ’s and potlucks a good pasta salad recipe or two will come in handy.  We’ve got a great round up of pasta salad recipes for you today.  We’ll start it off with one of my personal favorites. Broccoli Pasta Salad from Your Homebased Mom Caesar Pasta Salad from Your Homebased Mom Aunt Bee’s Shrimp & Pasta Salad from The Seasoned Mom BBQ [Continue Reading…]

Artichoke Mushroom Marinara Sauce

marinara sauce

This Artichoke Mushroom Marinara Sauce is a grown up version of your basic marinara sauce. Kid’s will love it too! This post is sponsored by Tapinfluence and Cans Get You Cooking but all opinions are my own. I first served this marinara sauce several years ago at a dinner party. Typically I don’t serve spaghetti at a dinner party but this sophisticated marinara sauce is definitely dinner party worthy. It was a big hit at the party too. The addition of mushrooms, artichoke hearts and black olives dresses up a [Continue Reading…]

Baked Ziti with Spinach and Sausage

Baked Ziti with Spinach and Sausage

This recipe was originally published in November, 2009 and has been updated. Today’s recipe is always a family favorite.  I have taken this dish into lots of family’s when someone was sick or had a new baby and it is always a hit.  The recipe is always requested.  It is also a great dish to make for company or when you are feeding two hungry 19 year old boys. As part of the Mormon faith we have a missionary program.  Our young men and women give up 18 months to [Continue Reading…]

Penne Rustica

Penne Rustica @yourhomebasedmom

Today’s pasta recipes is one of my favorites.  I first shared it back in April 2008 when my blog was just a baby and my photos were pretty bad. I’ve been making it ever since then. I  make it often because it makes a lot and it is the perfect thing to make when you  need to take dinner to someone who just had a baby or is sick and you want to feed your family too.  The original recipe is enough to feed 3 families!  Today’s revised version is [Continue Reading…]

Balsamic & Pesto Chicken Pasta

Balsamic Pesto Chicken Pasta

Last week I was totally craving pasta and cheese.  Not sure if it was the weather or hormones! I thought about making this yummy Baked Ziti with Spinach and Sausage but I didn’t have any sausage and I had some chicken that needed to be used. I also wanted something a little different, not a tomato based dish so I decided to use pesto and balsamic vinegar instead!  With some store bought pesto this dish is easy to put together. I marinaded my chicken in the pesto.  I also pounded the [Continue Reading…]

Broccoli Pasta Salad

Broccoli Pasta Salad

I served this salad at the tea party bridal shower I recently hosted.  It was a huge hit.  I first has this salad about a year ago at a neighborhood pot luck and asked for the recipe right away.  I never got around to making it.  I wanted to add a salad into our tea party menu and I remembered how much I loved the salad and so did my party guests.  That evening, after the shower, at our neighborhood party, the neighbor who had given me the recipe originally [Continue Reading…]

Brown Butter Pasta

brown butter pasta

Brown Butter Pasta is delicious and easy to put together. A combination of garlic, spinach, tomato,hazelnuts and brown butter. It is also a great non-meat, vegetarian option for dinner. I have always been one of those moms that usually fixes a big dinner on Sunday but this Sunday I just wasn’t in the mood.   With everything going on over the weekend I hadn’t planned  very well. When you are an empty nester you can do that Since we don’t shop on Sunday I had to make due with what I had [Continue Reading…]

Fresh Tomato and Chicken Pasta

Fresh Tomato and Chicken Pasta

Pasta is a standby meal at our house. Whenever I can’t think of what to fix for dinner, pasta usually comes to the rescue. All you really need are some noodles or pasta(I used nice big fat, egg noodles this time), some meat (chicken or sausage usually), some vegetables (fresh chopped tomatoes, onion and tomato paste), some liquid (chicken broth) and some other seasonings (garlic, Italian seasoning, Dijon mustard and parsley) and of course a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese – Fresh Tomato and Chicken Pasta for dinner! The sauce can [Continue Reading…]

Roasted Tomato,Pesto and Sausage Gnocchi with Toasted Walnuts

Roasted Tomato,Pesto and Sausage Gnocchi with Toasted Walnuts

Recently, Johnsonville Sausage sent me a box full of lots of fun Italian foods to play with in conjunction with their Johnsonville Kitchen Italian Inspiration competition where you can win a trip to Italy!  In the big box was a small box of gnocchi.  For those of you not familiar with gnocchi it is basically an Italian dumpling made out of flour and potato. But for me gnocchi brings back some fun childhood memories.  Growing up in Wisconsin my very English blooded father started an Italian gnocchi company and named [Continue Reading…]