Storybook Baby Shower

Book Themed Baby Shower

I am so excited to finally share with you a storybook baby shower I hosted back in April.  I did the shower in conjunction with Kroger and their new Inspired Gatherings website. Today I will give you an overview of the shower and then you can head over to the Inspired Gatherings website to get all the details on how I made all the fun party decor. I hosted the shower with my friend Tina. We decided to go with a storybook theme.  All of our decor and food was [Continue Reading…]

Halloweenie Roast 2013

Halloweenie Roast 2013

Last night was our annual Halloweenie Roast. It is a fun Halloween party we host for our neighbors each year. We build a fire in the back yard and roast hot dogs and have all kinds of other fun treats. Everyone brings something to share which is always fun. This year I used this print from Caravan Shoppe as the backdrop for my table. I had it printed at Staples as an Blueprint so it was pretty inexpensive, about $6.00 or so I think.  I just glued a yardstick at [Continue Reading…]

What Will It Bee Baby Shower

Baby Shower

I hosted a baby shower with two other ladies from church this week for a first time mom to be!  I love hosting baby showers.  I really just love parties and a new baby is one of the best reasons to have a party. This mom to be does not know the sex of her baby.  I am a huge fan of not knowing.  I didn’t know with any of my children.  My husband knew with the last one, but I didn’t.  I am of the opinion that there are [Continue Reading…]

Neighborhood Going Away Party

chinese lanterns

If you’ve read my blog for any period of time you know how much we love our neighbors.  We are very blessed to have wonderful neighbors, many of whom have been our neighbors for 19 years!  We all built our homes and moved in about the same time. One of our next door neighbors is moving.  Their family is heading off on a very exciting adventure to live in China for two years – the bad part is they are leaving us all behind!  We are going to miss them [Continue Reading…]

70th Birthday Celebration

Bev's 70th Birthday party

Note: Jim, Cali, Tessa and I are on an adventure for the next two weeks.  Tessa is doing a study abroad in London and the rest of us decided to tag along for a little bit!  If you’d like to follow along our travel adventures the next two weeks be sure and follow me on Instagram! Today is my friend Bev’s birthday.  She is turning 70 years young! I met Bev 20 years ago when she attended a photo organizing class I was teaching at the local community center. I [Continue Reading…]

Bridal Shower


I told you it was going to be Party Central here on the blog this week.  But today we are switching gears.  We are moving from graduation party ideas to a bridal shower. No, that is not the bride but one of our cute little party guests! The bride is one of my daughter’s high school friends.  It seems just like yesterday she was in high school and I was teaching her in Young Women’s at church.  It probably seems like that because  it really  was – just a few [Continue Reading…]

Graduation Party Ideas

Perfect Graduation Party

Last year was our big year for graduation parties when our baby graduated from high school.  With four kids graduated from high school I have done my share of graduation parties.  In fact we had two different parties for Tessa last year (I’ll explain later.) Today I am sharing with you some of my best graduation party ideas. I think my best tip is to combine your party with one of your children’s good friends.  One party – two people.  Not only does it make the work load easier but [Continue Reading…]

Back to School Breakfast -2011

BACK TO SCHOOL Breakfast.jpg

Today is the first day of school for kids here in Portland.  Except there isn’t anyone at my house starting school today.    My college kids started last week and my law school kid started two weeks ago. So I borrowed some kids to celebrate the first day of school around here.  Monday morning Jim and I hosted a back to school breakfast for some of our neighbor kids. I made a quick trip to the Dollar Store for some decoration items and then combined them with things I had around [Continue Reading…]

Mummies Night Out

Mummies Night OUt

Now that I’ve gotten a little sleep I wanted to share with you some of the photos from the party last night. The photos aren’t great – let’s just say it’s hard to be head cook, hostess and photographer. The food was served in the kitchen/family room area. The kitchen table was covered in yummy appetizer type food (recipes soon I promise) The Bloomin’ Onion made an appearance  and then quickly disappeared! And then there was the dessert table too with Oreo Cupcakes, Carrot Muffins with white chocolate cream cheese [Continue Reading…]