Quick and Easy Orange Rolls

orange rolls

My mother makes amazing orange rolls. They are required at every Easter and Christmas dinner. They are a lovely yeast roll. The downside to that is they take a bit of time to prepare, allowing for all that rising time etc. And then there are those who are afraid of yeast. Well, I’ve got a great alternative for you yeast fearing, not enough time in my day people! Last week I spent three lovely, sunny and warm days in Central Oregon with some girlfriends. Upon our arrival my friend Jane [Continue Reading...]

Orange Rolls

orange rolls1

No lemon recipe today! I am keeping it in the citrus family though and we are just moving over to oranges! Today’s recipe is a Wilkes Family Favorite. No holiday dinner (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas) would be complete without these. In fact, no dinner that Grandma comes to is complete without them – Orange Rolls. This is my mother’s orange roll recipe and she is the designated orange roll maker in our family except when she’s not spending the holiday with us and then I get the job. My parents spent [Continue Reading...]