Neighborhood Going Away Party

chinese lanterns

If you’ve read my blog for any period of time you know how much we love our neighbors.  We are very blessed to have wonderful neighbors, many of whom have been our neighbors for 19 years!  We all built our homes and moved in about the same time. One of our next door neighbors is moving.  Their family is heading off on a very exciting adventure to live in China for two years – the bad part is they are leaving us all behind!  We are going to miss them [Continue Reading…]

Neighborhood Movie Night and Treat Wagon

neighborhood outdoor movie night

Summer is nearing it’s end and around here it seems like it has just begun.  The girls are home on a two week break between semesters and we are squeezing every ounce of fun we can out of it!  We had a fun craft day on Monday (which I’ll share later) and then we ended the day with a neighborhood potluck and movie night.  This has become a tradition in our cul de sac. It is a fun and easy way to get together and enjoy one another.  It seems [Continue Reading…]