A Thought}Raising Children


I love going to visit my children.  I am fortunate to have all of them in one place right now so I try to take advantage of it as much as possible. Every time I come home from visiting them though I have a bit of a withdrawal. I feel a bit sad.  I feel a little lost and a little disoriented.  I have to refind my center of gravity. I miss them. I miss being their mother on a daily basis. I miss the noise. I miss the laughs. [Continue Reading…]

My Calendar


About the beginning of December I went out and bought my new 2012 calendar.  I always buy the refrigerator version. I have quite a pile of them now.  A mini-history of our family. I love a new calendar.  I love how clean and fresh it looks, so full of possibility.  I love my little ritual of sitting down with my  new calendar and my old calendar and transferring all the birthdays and special days onto the new calendar.  It is a new year in two ways for me – the [Continue Reading…]

Text Message Thank You

text message

I love text messaging.  As a mother of teenagers and young adults it comes in quite handy. After a few lessons from my teenage daughter I have actually become quite good at it! I am a two finger texter!! My husband is a different story, he actually sent his very first text message not too along ago. We were all very proud. But the thing I really love about text messaging is the connection it creates between my children and me. They send me the normal text messages…. “I’m on my [Continue Reading…]