How to Make Your Own Money Lei

Graduation Lei.jpg

Graduation season is here.  I’ve been getting lots of emails lately for ideas on graduation gifts and parties.  I’ve done my share of both.  I don’t have anyone graduating from anything at my house this year but I thought I’d revisit some of the graduation themed ideas I have shared in the past. The first part of the week we will talk graduation gift ideas and then the second half of the week it will be graduation party ideas. I know a popular graduation gift to give is cash.  Everyone [Continue Reading…]

Graduation Lei

Graduation season is here. Just last week we were in Utah to attend our son Clark’s college graduation. We were outside taking some photos when I spotted something. My kids are now use to me going up to perfect strangers asking to take pictures of their food, their outfit, etc. so it was no surprise when I stopped this new college graduate and asked to take a picture of his lei. He was actually wearing three leis!  A traditional flower lei but then he also had a candy lei and [Continue Reading…]