My Calendar


About the beginning of December I went out and bought my new 2012 calendar.  I always buy the refrigerator version. I have quite a pile of them now.  A mini-history of our family. I love a new calendar.  I love how clean and fresh it looks, so full of possibility.  I love my little ritual of sitting down with my  new calendar and my old calendar and transferring all the birthdays and special days onto the new calendar.  It is a new year in two ways for me – the [Continue Reading…]

Mommy Moment: I Don’t Mind

i dont care

So I need a little mommy moment today. We are on the countdown at our house.  This is not a countdown I am looking forward to. It is the countdown until we are empty nesters.  I’m not going to tell you how many days it is because it just makes me sad and anxious.  But it’s not enough! Tessa will be headed to Utah at the end of June with Cali to enjoy the laid back atmosphere of college life in the summer, take a few classes, live in an [Continue Reading…]