The Perfect Rice Krispie Treat

Rice Krispie Treats

Do you think you know how to make a Rice Krispie Treat?  Today I’m sharing a few secrets on how to make the Perfect Rice Krispie Treat. Everyone knows how to make Rice Krispie Treats right?  You just follow the directions on the back of the marshmallow package or the cereal box.  You can do that and you will get an average Rice Krispie Treat.  Today I want to share with you a few secrets on how to get the Perfect Rice Krispie Treats.  Who wants to be average when [Continue Reading…]

Homemade Marshmallows

Homemade Marshmellows

It’s the 10th of the month! This month my friends and I got busy with the theme GOLD.  It’s kind of perfect for the holidays right?  Check out my post and then hop on over to visit all of the others It is hot chocolate season at our house.  It is our hot beverage of choice.  And if you are going to have hot chocolate, you must have marshmallows.  Lots of marshmallows.  We love the little mini marshmallows you buy at the store, is there anything better than a handful of mini [Continue Reading…]

Marshmallow Chocolate Irresistible Peanut Butter Cookies & Giveaway

Marshmallow Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

Some recipes are classics.  They are as good today as they first appeared years ago.  I am sure you  have several in your recipe collection.  Many times those recipes came from the back of bags or packages instead of the Internet as they do now. They are the recipes your grandmother used, your mother used and now you use.  You keep thinking there is a better one out there so  you pin and pin away but you soon realize that you already have the best. One of those recipes  you [Continue Reading…]

White Chocolate Popcorn Crunch & Sixlet Candy Giveaway

White Chocolate Popcorn Crunch

Are you one of “those” – one of “those” that has ALL of their holiday gifts purchased and wrapped?? I must admit I am kinda one of “those.”   The gifts for my children and family are bought and wrapped (o.k. except for a couple!) but every year I find myself scrambling for all those miscellaneous gifts – you know the ones -the teachers, the neighbors, etc. Today’s recipe for white chocolate popcorn crunch is the perfect thing to throw together when you are scrambling for one of those last [Continue Reading…]

Nordy Bars

nordy bars (2)

Yesterday I shared with you my fun new project – from your kitchen….to my kitchen.  I have had some yummy recipes come in but I could use some more so please find a favorite recipe to send my way and it just might end up on the blog!! Like I said in yesterday’s post I love it when my friends share recipes with me – a recipe is the best gift. Last week while we were at the beach our neighbors came down to join us for the day and [Continue Reading…]

Mississippi Mud Cake


Chocolate and marshmallow.  A pretty amazing combination. Because I am an overplanner and my biggest fear in life is running out of food, I decided that maybe the S’mores Bar, Italian Soda Bar and the Roasted Corn, Strawberry and Avocado Salsa I made for our Labor Day potluck BBQ might not be enough.  Never mind that there were 12 other families attending, all of them bringing something too!  Yeah, I have issues.  Anyone else have that issue? I decided that a Mississippi Mud Cake was needed.  So I made one.  [Continue Reading…]

S’more Cookies


I was having a bit of a chocolate craving on Sunday. Although I like chocolate I usually will choose another flavor over chocolate but on Sunday the only flavor that would satisfy was chocolate. One of my favorite things to add to chocolate is marshmallows.  I love a bowl of chocolate ice cream with a handful of mini marshmallows all mixed up together.  I’ve eaten it that way since I was a kid. Well what is one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of chocolate [Continue Reading…]