Lemon Angel Pie

lemon angel pie

This Lemon Angel Pie is a little taste of heaven! Today’s recipe is another Recipe Redo.  I have found that I shared some of my all time favorite recipes in the beginning days of the blog and the photos aren’t as great as I would like so I am gradually revisiting some of those recipes and redoing the post so you have better photos. It’s fun to dig through the archives too and reacquaint you with them. Today’s recipe for Lemon Angel Pie has been a favorite of mine for [Continue Reading…]

Lovely Lemon Recipes

lovely lemons

Today I have a gift for you. As promised, I have put together a pdf file of all the wonderful Lovely Lemon recipes that were submitted. It’s a large document  – 57 pages full of lots of yummy lemon recipes.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.  I have also put a cover page in the document but it is in the middle of the document – sorry – a few technical difficulties but you can print it off and use it as a cover.  I like [Continue Reading…]

Calling All Lemon Lovers and Giveaway!

lovely lemons 2

Spring is here!  The daffodils are blooming in my garden so that means it must be Spring! Nothing says Springtime to me more than lemon!  I love lemon!  In April I am hoping to overwhelm you with lots of wonderful new lemon recipes. But I need your help. I have a few great ones waiting to share but I’d love for you to share some of your favorite lemon recipes with me and then I can share some of them right here on the blog with everyone! So…if you have a [Continue Reading…]

Lemon Curd Ice Cream Pie

Lemon Curd Ice Cream Pie

  This lemon curd ice cream pie is divine. A nutty crust and a sweet and lemony filling! Today’s Lovely Lemon recipe is one I have had in my file for over a year.  It was given to me by my brother’s mother-in-law, Marilyn.  Last year when we were together for my nephew’s birthday, Marilyn told me about this amazing dessert she had made for Easter dinner.  It was a lemon recipe so of course I had to have it.  Marilyn graciously emailed me a copy of the recipe.  I [Continue Reading…]