Lemon Sorbet

Lemon Sorbet

Have you entered the fun giveaway that I posted on Saturday?  Check it out! Who has a hard time believing it is already August??!!  I’m struggling with it a bit.  I know in some areas of the country school has already started  but here in the NW we don’t start until after Labor Day and depending on our weather, sometimes August  is just the start of summer for us!  This year has been a bit of an exception though and we’ve had summer weather since the end of June! As [Continue Reading...]

Orange Creamsicles

orange creamsicles

We’re having an unseasonably hot summer here in Portland.  We’ve had multiple days over 90 degrees – that just doesn’t happen that often.  I’m not complaining but as a result I’ve needed a lot of ice cream and frosty treats to keep cool. We’ve even had a few days in triple digits!  We had a couple of those days last week and wouldn’t you know it – my air conditioner wouldn’t work!  I was glad I had a batch of these orange creamsicles in the freezer to help me keep [Continue Reading...]

Cake Mix Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches


I volunteered to be in charge of dessert for our cul de sac 4th of July celebration.  Celebrating together as neighbors has been a tradition for as long as we have lived in our home – over 20 years. It is a much anticipated party!  I decided I needed to do something really fun for dessert.  I love getting my guests involved in putting their food together so I decided to provide all the makings for ice cream sandwiches.  I’ll be back tomorrow with all the details on how I [Continue Reading...]

Root Beer Freeze {Whirl}

root beer whirl

Ice cream and summer go hand in hand at our house and this summer we will be making a lot of root beer whirl’s at our house.  Root beer whirls are one of those childhood food memories for me. You may know it by the name root beer freeze but since our local drive in my hometown called them a root beer whirl so do I.  This drive in made them out of their homemade root beer which was delicious and it always came in a big frosty glass mug [Continue Reading...]

Blue Moon Ice Cream


Today it is all about Red, White and Blue!  I am excited to be a part of a group of 110 bloggers bringing you the ultimate Red, White and Blue Roundup!  A special thanks to The Cards We Drew for putting it all together! Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom to check out all the other ideas. Today I am sharing with you a recipe for one of those “food memories.”   I have always had this memory of blue ice cream.  What kid doesn’t love blue [Continue Reading...]

Fresh Strawberry Milkshake

Fresh Strawberry Milkshake

We’ve got a bumper crop of strawberries this year in our garden.  More than we’ve ever had before and we’re loving it.  Just about every other day we’ve got a bowl full like this! So the other day I asked on Facebook for some suggestions on what to make with all my strawberries and you had some great ideas.  I decided to go with a fresh strawberry milkshake. Here in the NW we have a local burger franchise called Burgerville and every May/June they have fresh strawberry shakes that are [Continue Reading...]

Old Fashioned Ice Cream Soda

ice cream soda

Today I am taking a little trip down memory lane.  Want to join me? I am lucky to have grown up in a small to mid size town in the mid-west. (about 45,000)  Kenosha, Wisconsin was just the right size kind of town. Not so small that everyone knows your business but not so big that no one knows you! My high school was right downtown – Mary D.Bradford High School. We had an open lunch hour which meant we could leave the school to go home for lunch or anywhere [Continue Reading...]

3 Ingredient Pink Lemonade Pie

Pink Lemonade Pie

3 ingredients and 5 minutes.  That is all it takes to put this quick, easy and delicious dessert together!   The best though about this dessert though?  It tastes delicious! I’ve been making this recipe for over 30 years and I’m pretty sure it came from my mother and she has been making it longer than me! I am pretty sure that Pink Lemonade Pie is the perfect summer time dessert! Everyone needs a go to, easy summer dessert and this is mine.  It is  easy to keep these 3 [Continue Reading...]

Caramel Corn Ice Cream Sundae

Caramel Corn Ice Cream Sundae

Have you entered to win the $250.00 gift card and grill kit yet? Go here to enter! I first had a Caramel Corn Ice Cream Sundae when we were invited over to some friend’s house for dinner.  These friends are amazing, creative cooks and I know whatever they serve is going to be delicious! For dessert we had this fun dessert.  They had gotten the idea from a fancy restaurant in New York.    I love so many things about this Caramel Corn Ice Cream Sundae. First,  I love ice [Continue Reading...]