Pillsbury Funfetti Bold Ice Cream Cupcakes

Bold Ice Cream Cupcakes

This post brought to you by the new vibrant Pillsbury Funfetti® Cake Mixes  I love color. Color in my home, in my clothes and in my food. And there are occasions when only BOLD color will do.  Bright, intense color.  That is what you get with the new Pillsbury Funfetti®  Bold Cake Mixes.  The folks at Pillsbury really went bold when they released their new Funfetti® line of cake mixes and bold frostings. Thanks to my friend Heather over at Whipperberry for the photo above! They come in 5 bold colors and food [Continue Reading...]

Vanilla Malt and Ninja Ultima™ Blender Giveaway

Vanilla Malt

We spent the weekend in beautiful San Diego last weekend visiting our son Logan.  He is so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.  I could totally move there!  We had a great time and ate our share of amazing fish tacos.  We spent one morning riding beach cruisers around Coronado Island.  Of course we had to stop at the Del Coronado hotel and take a look around.  So beautiful.  Since we had burned so many calories biking around we decided to fuel up on some ice cream at [Continue Reading...]

No Churn Orange Ice Cream

Orange Ice Cream

I have shared a lot of ice cream recipes over the years.  We kind of like it at our house! All of those recipes have required an ice cream maker.  I know several of you have gone out and bought an ice cream maker to try some of my recipes.  But today I’ve got an ice cream recipe that even those of you who do not own an ice cream maker can make.  No ice cream maker required! I have to admit I was a little skeptical but was amazed [Continue Reading...]

Lime Sherbet Freeze

Lime Sherbet Freeze

We are big ice cream fans at our house, always have been.  When I was young one of my favorite treats to get at the local drive, The Spot was a “freeze.”  I loved pulling up at the drive-in, having the server come out of her little booth and hook that tray onto our car window.  They made their own root beer so I usually got a root beer freeze.  Their hamburgers were amazing too and every trip I have made back to my hometown since then there is always a [Continue Reading...]

Vanilla Cherry and Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Floats

Vanilla Cherry and Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Floats

When I was young and we would go out to dinner one of my favorite things was when my parents allowed us to order a Shirley Temple.  For those of you who may never have even heard of Shirley Temple (a child actress from a really long time ago!) it is a drink named in her honor and is a combination of grenadine (cherry syrup) and 7-up.  I always felt so grown up when I was able to order one and they were so yummy. It has become a Christmas [Continue Reading...]

Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshake}Chick Fil A Copycat Recipe

Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshake

Now that all the kid’s are gone back to school I am cleaning out the cupboards and the refrigerators (yes, we have more than one)  I’ve been throwing out the last remaining bits of Christmas candy, cookies etc. but the one thing I can’t bring myself to throw out are the leftover candy canes.  I always end up with leftover candy canes. In my husband’s family, after the holidays were over they would make peppermint ice cream with the left over candy canes.  I love peppermint ice cream. This year [Continue Reading...]

Peppermint Ice Cream Dark Chocolate Cake Roll

Peppermint Ice Cream Roll

At our house cake can not be eaten without ice cream.  It is a rule! When  Pillsbury®  sent me some of their new holiday flavored products I was excited to try out the dark chocolate cake mix.  Peppermint is another one of their holiday favorites and one of my personal favorites too! Peppermint is the perfect companion to dark chocolate in my book!  I wait all year for peppermint ice cream to come out in the stores so I decided to make a peppermint ice cream dark chocolate cake roll. [Continue Reading...]

Witch’s Cauldron Sundae

Chocolate Witchs Cauldron

I love Halloween.  I think I actually enjoy it more now than I did when my children were younger.  It seemed like when they were younger all the time and energy I had to devote to Halloween went towards making and putting together Halloween costumes for my children.  Yes, I was one of those mother’s that always made their children’s costumes.  No store bought costumes here.  I was usually the room mom so all my party planning energy went towards that. Now that I don’t have to make costumes for [Continue Reading...]

Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Tacos

Ice Cream Tacos

So I guess I am a little late to the table when it comes to certain ice cream treats. This summer we hosted a fun little ice cream tasting party for our neighbors. One of the ice cream treat selections was an ice cream filled taco. My neighbor kids were shocked when I told them I had never had one before. I also had never had a Twinkie before until I heard they were going away and I then had one bite and that was enough. Not a huge fan. [Continue Reading...]