Lime Sherbet Freeze

Lime Sherbet Freeze

Lime Sherbet Freeze is such a fun thing to make for St. Patrick’s Day.  It is a nice alternative to all the green mint treats out there right now! We are big ice cream fans at our house, always have been.  When I was young one of my favorite treats to get at the local drive, The Spot was a “freeze.”  I loved pulling up at the drive-in, having the server come out of her little booth and hook that tray onto our car window.  They made their own root beer [Continue Reading…]

Grasshopper Ice Cream Pie

Grasshopper Ice Cream Pie

The season of green is upon us and for me that means mint!  If something is green, it should be mint in my book.  We have a divided house when it comes to mint.  Half of us love it and half of us don’t but all my mint haters have moved away from home so bring on the mint! Grasshopper ice cream pie is one way to enjoy some green and some mint. Grasshopper Ice Cream Pie is really one of those non recipe recipes!  You don’t have to have [Continue Reading…]

No Bake Peanut Butter Fudge Ice Cream Pie

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie

Are you still looking for a yummy, easy, no bake dessert for a Valentine’s Day treat? I’ve got you covered. If you don’t need a dessert for Valentines but just want to make something yummy, I’ve got you covered. If you have a chocolate/peanut butter fan for a Valentine today’s recipe is perfect. What makes this dessert a little more fun is that it is made with a rice krispie crust. The crust is a combination of rice krispie cereal, brown sugar and corn syrup. You add a layer of [Continue Reading…]

Candy Corn Ice Cream Floats

Candy Corn Ice Cream Floats

Looking for a quick and easy treat for a Halloween Party?  I’ve got you covered today.  Ice cream is always a hit at a party, especially when it looks like candy corn! All you  need to create these cute candy corn ice cream floats are some vanilla ice cream, lemon ice cream, orange sherbet and some lemon lime soda.  Yellow ice cream can be a bit of a challenge to find but Kroger has a yummy lemon ice cream that worked great. I put a scoop of each into a [Continue Reading…]

I Scream You Scream Witch Halloween Party

witch halloween party 1

Over the last two years I have shared various activities I have done with my Activity Day Girls , the 8-12 year old girls from church that I work with.  I am sad to say I will no longer be working with these sweet girls anymore.  Major sad face. I wanted to leave the girls with a really fun and meaningful activity so I put together an I Scream You Scream Witch Halloween Party for them.  Now you may be asking how that was meaningful but read on – I [Continue Reading…]

Lemon Sorbet

Lemon Sorbet

Have you entered the fun giveaway that I posted on Saturday?  Check it out! Who has a hard time believing it is already August??!!  I’m struggling with it a bit.  I know in some areas of the country school has already started  but here in the NW we don’t start until after Labor Day and depending on our weather, sometimes August  is just the start of summer for us!  This year has been a bit of an exception though and we’ve had summer weather since the end of June! As [Continue Reading…]

Orange Creamsicles

orange creamsicles

We’re having an unseasonably hot summer here in Portland.  We’ve had multiple days over 90 degrees – that just doesn’t happen that often.  I’m not complaining but as a result I’ve needed a lot of ice cream and frosty treats to keep cool. We’ve even had a few days in triple digits!  We had a couple of those days last week and wouldn’t you know it – my air conditioner wouldn’t work!  I was glad I had a batch of these orange creamsicles in the freezer to help me keep [Continue Reading…]

Cake Mix Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches


I volunteered to be in charge of dessert for our cul de sac 4th of July celebration.  Celebrating together as neighbors has been a tradition for as long as we have lived in our home – over 20 years. It is a much anticipated party!  I decided I needed to do something really fun for dessert.  I love getting my guests involved in putting their food together so I decided to provide all the makings for ice cream sandwiches.  I’ll be back tomorrow with all the details on how I [Continue Reading…]

Root Beer Freeze {Whirl}

root beer whirl

Ice cream and summer go hand in hand at our house and this summer we will be making a lot of root beer whirl’s at our house.  Root beer whirls are one of those childhood food memories for me. You may know it by the name root beer freeze but since our local drive in my hometown called them a root beer whirl so do I.  This drive in made them out of their homemade root beer which was delicious and it always came in a big frosty glass mug [Continue Reading…]