Vanilla Malted Ice Cream Cake

vanilla malted ice cream cake 500

So after the sugar load of the holidays I had decided I wasn’t going to post any sweet recipes – at least for a week or two.  Well, I lasted about one day. But you see.  I woke up this morning and decided to… Because you see it is my birthday today and I decided to make myself a birthday cake because I also believe that it is o.k. to …. from ramblewild Especially on your birthday. I really wouldn’t mind if someone wanted to give me this cute little [Continue Reading…]

Ice Cream Brownie Cake with Rolo Recipe

ICe Cream Brownie Cake with Rolos

This is the perfect ice cream cake – combining all kinds of goodies! It is a chocolate, ice cream and caramel kind of goodness.  It’s what I made for Father’s Day dessert.  You’re going to like and so is your father! Ice Cream Brownie Cake with Rolos!   We are big ice cream fans at our house.  Growing up my dad was probably the biggest ice cream fan of all of us.  I remember each night he would scoop himself up a big fat bowl of ice cream from the [Continue Reading…]