13.1 – Running a Half Marathon

Running a Half Marathon

I am not much for bumper stickers but this is one bumper sticker I am proud to put on my car! I woke up this morning to this fun sign outside my bedroom door and to the Rocky theme blasting thanks to my thoughtful husband and cheerleader. I am moving a little bit slower today and taking a few Motrin but I did it, rather I need to say WE did it. Our friends Anne and Lynette are a bit faster than we are so they took off ahead but [Continue Reading…]

I Can Do Hard Things

Hard things

This is my motto for today. Today I will finish a half marathon. Something I have never done before. In fact, before this last year I had never run. But you see now I am a runner. There has been a mixture of excitement, anxiety, nervousness etc. this week.  I have done the work, I have put in the miles and now I just need to have confidence in myself and enjoy the journey!  As my friend and running mentor Heidi says, “At this point it is 95% mental!” I [Continue Reading…]