Soda Pop Ice Cream Recipe

Soda Pop Ice Cream

Friday we flew to Utah for a nephew’s wedding.  It was  63 degrees in Portland when we boarded the plane.  Two hours later we got off the plane in Utah and it was 95 degrees.  We went from Spring to Summer in two hours!  It was a little bit of a shock to the system!! 95 degree weather calls for a cold soda and ice cream.  Today’s Soda Pop Ice Cream Recipe is a combination of the two – a cold soda and ice cream.   It may or may [Continue Reading…]

Raspberry Ice Cream


To continue with the berry theme we have going here this week today’s recipe is for delicious raspberry ice cream. We used marionberries in the berry cobbler and then there were the blueberries too.  We’ve been eating a lot of berries around here.  We just went peach picking yesterday so guess what recipes you’ll be seeing next week! Cali and her friends went raspberry picking this week (it was one of the things on their Summer To Do list this year) and they decided they wanted to make raspberry ice cream. [Continue Reading…]