Halloweenie Roast 2013

Halloweenie Roast 2013

Last night was our annual Halloweenie Roast. It is a fun Halloween party we host for our neighbors each year. We build a fire in the back yard and roast hot dogs and have all kinds of other fun treats. Everyone brings something to share which is always fun. This year I used this print from Caravan Shoppe as the backdrop for my table. I had it printed at Staples as an Blueprint so it was pretty inexpensive, about $6.00 or so I think.  I just glued a yardstick at [Continue Reading...]

Decorate Your Own Donut Halloween Party

Decorate your own donut party

If you have ever Googled “Top Ten Things to Do in Portland, Oregon” you will always find a visit to Voo Doo Donuts on any list! Voo Doo Donuts is a fun and unique donut shop in Portland that offers an unsual selection of donuts. They top their donuts with just about anything and everything. From Tang powdered drink mix to Captain Crunch Cereal to the ever popular bacon! Voo Doo Donuts is an experience not to be missed if you visit Portland! I decided to take a little inspiration [Continue Reading...]

Halloweenie Roast 2012

Halloweenie Roast 2012

Last night was our annual Halloweenie Roast 2012.  I think it might just be one of my favorite parties of the year! I have to admit this year though it snuck up on me a little bit.  We’ve had some distractions going on around here and I hadn’t really done a lot of planning when I realized it was only a few days away.  This is when having a lot of “stuff” comes in handy.  I started walking around my house and pulling things off my shelves and tables to [Continue Reading...]

Witches Ball}You’re Invited

witches ball invite(1)

I mentioned in my Halloween Decor 2012 post that I had a few parties planned for the month of October. Of course one of them will be my annual Halloweenie Roast for the neighborhood kids. I also decided it would be fun to have a Witches  Ball.  A fun evening full of delicious food, crafts and a guest chef! This party will be held at my home and is open to a limited number of guests (due to space)  There is a charge of $30.00 which will cover all the [Continue Reading...]

Halloweenie Roast}2011

Halloweenie Roast 2011

Our annual neighbor Halloweenie Roast was Friday night.  I am thankful for neighbors who let me borrow their kids (the parents were invited too.)   It just makes me happy.  My husband is grateful too.  He prefers it when I’m happy! I pulled out my trusty old framed chalkboard and Halloween pennant banner.  My fun little black bird cut outs came from the Dollar Store. I reused a lot of the things from last years Halloweenie Roast 2010 so set up was pretty easy.  I just basically pulled out all [Continue Reading...]

Candy Skewers

Halloween Candy Skewers

Putting together a candy bar for  Halloween candy skewers was fun and easy and the perfect addition to our neighborhood Halloweenie Roast.It is amazing how much Halloween themed candy is out there. I found great stuff at Target, Walgreens, the Dollar Store and the bulk food bins at Winco. The gummy type candies work great but I also found that the foil wrapped chocolate candies worked too. In addition to lots of candy, you will also need some bamboo skewers.  You can find them at the grocery store.  They are [Continue Reading...]

Halloweenie Roast – 2010

Halloweenie Roast

Last night we hosted our second annual Halloweenie Roast for some of our neighbors. If you happen to be counting, that is the third Halloween party at our house this week (Thespian Halloween Bash and Mummies Night Out) but who’s counting!? Of course there were plenty of hot dogs/sausage to roast thanks to Johnsonville! I made up a batch of JDawg Sauce because what is a hotdog without JDawg Sauce!? And we even had Mummy Wraps (hot dog wrapped up in a breadstick, the canned variety) The neighbors each contributed [Continue Reading...]

Mummies Night Out

Mummies Night OUt

Now that I’ve gotten a little sleep I wanted to share with you some of the photos from the party last night. The photos aren’t great – let’s just say it’s hard to be head cook, hostess and photographer. The food was served in the kitchen/family room area. The kitchen table was covered in yummy appetizer type food (recipes soon I promise) The Bloomin’ Onion made an appearance  and then quickly disappeared! And then there was the dessert table too with Oreo Cupcakes, Carrot Muffins with white chocolate cream cheese [Continue Reading...]

Mummies Night Out – A Huge Success!


I am headed to bed. But first I just had to say thank you. Thank you to all who came to my Mummies Night Out tonight to help support Prayers for Megan. Thank you to everyone who was not able to attend but made a cash donation. Thank you to everyone who donated an item for our prize giveaway (a list of donations coming soon) Thank you! It was a crazy busy day.  I started cooking at 6:30 a.m. and didn’t stop until people were coming through the door.  It [Continue Reading...]