Herbed Oatmeal Bread

Herbed Pan Bread

Because Halloween and trick or treating usually involve rain where I live I always like to send my children off with a tummy filled with nice warm homemade soup.  The soup can be made ahead or earlier in the day. I don’t have anyone young enough to trick or treat anymore but we still carry on the tradition of soup on Halloween night. Nothing goes better with a pot of soup than some nice warm bread.  Since Halloween day can be filled with lots of activities, parties etc. something that is [Continue Reading…]

Trick or Treat – Taco Soup

taco soup

Halloween can turn into a crazy day.  Between parties at school, after school activities and kids being anxious to get out trick or treating it can be hard to squeeze eating dinner in there somewhere, let alone actually fixing dinner. Since the whole day is basically a candy fest it is nice to get something a little more nutritional in their stomachs – like dinner! We have a tradition of serving homemade soup and bread for dinner on Halloween.  You may think that homemade soup and bread are not quick [Continue Reading…]