Graduation Girl and Graduation Quilt

cali grad

Note:In case you missed it  I have a great giveaway going that also donates money to help plant more trees. Please enter the giveaway – every entry donates a $1.00 to plant a new tree! Last week was a whirlwind!  Our daughter Cali graduated from Brigham Young University with her Bachelor’s of Art!  How is it possible that I now have three children who have graduated from college.  We couldn’t be more proud. Cali is going to be an amazing theater education teacher.  There is some lucky high school or [Continue Reading…]

Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation GIft Ideas Collage

Having had four high school graduates and two college graduates so far I’ve given lots of graduation gifts.  To my own children and to their friends.  Today I am sharing some of my favorites. One of my favorite gifts to give a girl graduate is a personalized piece of jewelry that has a special meaning or symbolism. When Cali graduated from high school, I gave her and her best friend Hannah necklaces.  I purchased them online through Charming Gifts.They each got an initial charm and their birthstone charm.   I then [Continue Reading…]

Graduation Party Planning#2}The Invite


I’m on an invitation roll this week. Our second graduation party/open house, actually the first one as it will be the week before, is going to be for our family and friends. The other party is for their high school friends.   We decided to keep this party fairly simple since we are doing the big Sail Away party the next weekend. We choose a “Smart Cookie” theme.  Because she is such a “smart cookie.”  Get it?!  We are going to put together a fun Milk & Cookie bar for [Continue Reading…]

Graduation Lei

Graduation season is here. Just last week we were in Utah to attend our son Clark’s college graduation. We were outside taking some photos when I spotted something. My kids are now use to me going up to perfect strangers asking to take pictures of their food, their outfit, etc. so it was no surprise when I stopped this new college graduate and asked to take a picture of his lei. He was actually wearing three leis!  A traditional flower lei but then he also had a candy lei and [Continue Reading…]

Graduation Girls


  Fourteen years ago when we moved into our current house the first person we met in our new neighborhood was three year old Hannah.  We met her as she was riding her bike with training wheels out in our cul de sac.  With a pacifier in her mouth she introduced her self as “Hannah Banana.” My three year old daughter Cali and Hannah became fast friends and soon were inseperable.  They did everything together! They played for hours together… They celebrated holidays together…Halloween, Easter, Christmas …… They started the [Continue Reading…]