Graduation Party Ideas

Perfect Graduation Party

Last year was our big year for graduation parties when our baby graduated from high school.  With four kids graduated from high school I have done my share of graduation parties.  In fact we had two different parties for Tessa last year (I’ll explain later.) Today I am sharing with you some of my best graduation party ideas. I think my best tip is to combine your party with one of your children’s good friends.  One party – two people.  Not only does it make the work load easier but [Continue Reading…]

Graduation Party}The Food


Note:  My first newsletter will come out this Friday.  If you don’t want to miss one be sure and sign up on the front page of the blog! (On the right hand side bar, scroll down just a bit) I’m going to share my Summer To Do list and a few fun ways you can put together your own. One of the most important parts of a party is the food. Our Sail Away Graduation party didn’t start until 7:00 p.m. so we didn’t do dinner but instead did snacks [Continue Reading…]

Graduation Party}The Decorations


Note:  Thanks to your amazing response to my newsletter yesterday.  As a result we maxed out the system a bit but hopefully things have been fixed.  If you didn’t receive the confirmation email when you signed up you should receive it within 24 hours.  Please email me if you don’t get it within the next 24 hours. If you didn’t sign up please log onto the front page of my blog and sign up on the right handside of the blog.  You can not do it through the email update, [Continue Reading…]

Italian Soda Bar

Italian Soda Bar

We are on a little bit of party overload at our house but I couldn’t wait to share some of the fun photos from our Sail Away Graduation Party Saturday night.  But first I have to say a great big thank you to my dear friend Marsha who showed up at my door about an hour before the party started and just stepped right in and helped out.  She saved the day and thanks to her everything was ready to go when the kids got here!! The party was a [Continue Reading…]

Smart Cookie Graduation Party}Milk & Cookies

Smart Cookie Graduation Party

This weekend we held the first of our two graduation parties – our Smart Cookie Party. You can see the cute  Smart Cookie invite I created here. The party was on Sunday afternoon and we wanted to do something a little different than the typical/usual barbeque so we went with a Smart Cookie Party with a milk & cookie bar. It was a huge hit and we went through about 400 cookies with over 100 guests. We had 10 different kinds of cookies – here is the cookie menu. I [Continue Reading…]

Graduation Party Planning}The Idea Board


Note:  If you are in the Portland are don’t forget to sign up for the giveaway for the free tickets to an advance showing of a fun new kid’s movie! One of the first things I do when planning a party, after selecting the theme, is to put an idea board together.  I usually do this on my computer.  When I find photos, usually on other blogs, of ideas I like that would work for my party I copy the photo to my desktop and then put it in a [Continue Reading…]

Graduation Party Planning}The Invite


Because I am just a little old fashioned I decided we needed a paper invite for the graduation party in addition to the Facebook Event the girls created. Besides being old fashioned, I just like making invitations and I needed something to put in the scrapbook too! I love including photos on invitations when possible, it just makes them more personal. I chose two photos from the fun little photo shoot we had. I used the one they had chosen for the Facebook Event so there was some continuity and [Continue Reading…]

Graduation Party Planning}The Theme and The Photo Shoot


Note: I just need to say thank you to all of you who left me such sweet comments and emails regarding my last post. My heart is full to overflowing with your sweet words of advice and appreciation. I am determined to take on and conquer the challenge of becoming an empty nester and make the very best of it! I look forward to sharing that journey with you so stay tuned… In the meantime, with less than one month left of school we are busy getting a graduation party [Continue Reading…]