Lemon and Summer Fruit Salad

lemon and summer fruit salad

I love it when a friend or a blog reader tries a new recipe and they send me the recipe because they think I will like it too. (hint, hint) That is how I got today’s recipe for Lemon and Summer Fruit Salad.  Blog reader Rachel sent me this knowing my love affair with anything lemon.  In fact one of my favorite lemon recipes of all times was given to me by Rachel.  If you haven’t tried the lemon cheesecake bars you must, must must!! This fruit uses summer fruit [Continue Reading…]

Lemon, Fruit and Spinach Salad

Lemon and Fruit Spinach Salad

Since I started the week out with a lemon recipe – pink lemonade cupcakes, I thought I would just keep up the lemon trend. You know what a fan of lemon I am. Today’s recipe is a  Lemon, Fruit and Spinach Salad that my daughter had at a friends.  She came home raving about it and brought the recipe with her!  I’ve trained her well. The weather is getting warmer here in Portland (although I’m enjoying the warm weather in Utah right now) and some days it feels like summer [Continue Reading…]

Honey Fruit Salad}Holiday Breakfast

fruit salad

Today’s recipe is for the fruit dish I served at my Holiday Breakfast. Last year I served Strawberries and Brown Sugar Cream. This year I decided I would just go to Costco and see what fresh fruit they had and that would decide what I made. Lucky for me they had fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries – and they were yummy!  I picked up a bunch of bananas too. I then got on allrecipes and looked around.  Lucky for me I found a recipe that used all the fruit I [Continue Reading…]

The Perfect Summer Salad


A few weeks ago my friend Sherra was describing this amazing salad she had just had at Paradise Bakery.  Since Sherra typically doesn’t eat anything green I figured it must be a really good salad if she liked it! After she described it I had to google it and find a recipe for it.  She was right – it is great.  It is a perfect summer salad because it incorporates all kinds of yummy fruit – some canned and some fresh.   Not only is it yummy, it is so pretty with all [Continue Reading…]